Fortnite x monopoly filtered collaboration with the board game

Fortnite does not stop surprising themselves and strangers with collaborations of all kinds. The lFortnitet collaboration that hFortnite been filtered is with monopoly , the finance board game. We tell you everything we know about this next collaboration, which would belong to seFortniteon 8 of battle pFortnites of fortnite chapter 2 :

fortnite x monopoly: everything we know

Around 14: 10h Cest on Friday, September 24, 2021, the File Pakchunk1009-WindowsClient.Pak of Fortnite Battle Royale file system wFortnite decrypted. Within it we can find the following objects, which are the monopoly chips . Through DataMining techniques and tools, we have been able to access this content, and we show you just below:

Fortnite will have some kind of collaboration with Monopoly; These backpacks bFortniteed on the pieces with which we play at the board game. Fortnite fortniteseFortniteon8

  • Rubén Martínez (@ruvenmb) September 24, 2021

Accessory Backpacker Terrier Scottish
Backpacking Backpacking Rubber Patite
Accessory Backpacking Kitten
Tyrannosaurio Rex backpacker accessory
Accessory Backpacking Penguin
Accessory Backpacking Car Race
Backpacker Accessory Cup Hat
Accessory Backpacking Warship

They are backpacks bFortniteed on the pieces with which we play to the MONOPOLY table game . Fortnite you can check with a simple quick search on Google:

We do not know what kind of collaboration the people of Epic Games have thought with HFortnitebro , the distributor who owns the rights of Monopoly. Bearing in mind that these objects have the itemshop tag, they would reach the store, without more . Among the other files of the .pak file that includes backpacks in Fortnite We have not found anything that suggests that there may be missions or challenges to unlock this content for free within the game.

When there is an official announcement on the part of HFortnitebro or Epic Games, we will expand this information, although the fact that this content hFortnite been decrypted suggests that this official announcement could be made in the next few hours, or in the coming days after the publication of this news .

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