Netflix Branch to live action Cowboy Bebop series with original

Live action (or live-action) is a type of cinematography or videography that utilizes photography as opposed to computer animation. Some works combine live-action with computer animation to create a live-action computer animated movie. Live-action is used to define movie, computer game or similar visual media. Photorealistic animation, specifically modern-day computer animation, is in some cases wrongly called live-action as when it comes to some media reports concerning Disney s 2019 remake of The Lion King. According to the Cambridge English Thesaurus, live action [entails] genuine people or pets, not designs, or photos that are drawn, or created by computer .

Live action versions of successful animes are almost as long as the templates themselves. Many already exist in the media landscape and at least as many are still in progress. Especially Netflix is ​​an important representative in this regard. The streaming service currently not only produces a live action series for the popular pirate adventure One Piece, but also to the Pocket Monster Franchise Pokémon.

In addition, Netflix also has a real classic in Petto and has a concrete date of publication with the 19th of November. Of course, the speech is from the space adventure Cowboy Bebop around the Bounty Hunters Spike Mirror, Jet Black and Faye Valentine.

Strong orientation at the original Velvet song selection

Now Netflix has released the bias to the live action series of Cowboy Bebop. Fans of the original will immediately recognize that it is closely based on the original of the anime. From the bright colors, which jump out in tailed cutouts between characters and scenes, to the song selection: Fortunately, one serves again at the Fetzigen Jazz-Intro Tank! From the Seatbelts.

But as much as the new header also imitates the style of the old, there are some differences between the two. Thus, in the intro of the live action bias, a much larger focus on the badges, even away from spikes rivals Vicious. In addition to Pierrot Le Fou, the Teddy bomber gets here. If, on the other hand, if you are not seeing, the little ED is the technical genius and recent member of the crew.

Incidentally, the actors for Cowboy Bebop are known for some time. The leader of the space bounty hunter, Spike Mirror, plays John Cho, while his partner Jet Black is embodied by Mustafa Shakir. The lonewo Faye Valentine is played by Daniella Pineda and also a dog gets a real dog as a spectacle replacement. The live action version of Cowboy Bebop then runs on Netflix from November 19th. Lake You Space Cowboy!

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