Wow Irre First group creates mythical 29 in time

A new record was achieved inWorld of Warcraft. The first group completed a M + dungeon – on the difficulty level +29!

With advancing time, the equipment of the players in World of Warcraft becomes increasingly better. Gradually, all of her Best in Slot -items get on the highest possible item Level. Therefore, more and more achievements and harder dungeons are tumbled. But where many players still nibble on mythical + 15 or mythical + 20, some players turn up properly. They create the dizzying mythical + 29!

What was done? Plagging on stage 29 with the affixes reinforced, placing and stormy. The group consisted of:

Protective Paladin (Itemlevel 254)
Recovery Shaman (Itemlevel 252)
Wind Runner Monk (Itemlevel 254)
Deception rogue (Itemlevel 252)
Frost Magician (Itemlevel 255)

In the end, the group left a good 43 seconds (via, so the endboss could still leave the time.

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Why is that so impressive? It is impressive for several reasons. On the one hand, there is no meaningful items more from the dungeon – 15 is the limit until where the rewards still rise again. On 20, there is another teleport for the dungeon, but everything is only for pure fun at the joy.

Much more impressive, however, is the fact that damage and life points are increasing rapidly. The higher the keystone, the higher the damage caused to the enemies and their life points. It requires extremely good equipment and can be at the highest playful level to just start a key stone beyond level 20 within time.

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By the way – shortly thereafter, the group has shown that they are far from any mayflies. Only a few hours later after the conclusion of epidemics, they have completed another dungeon +29 – the necrotic swine.

What was the highest dungeon you mastered within the timeline? Have you ever dared to dungeons of the M + 15 ?

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