Fortnite Is the new system of missions and experience the worst thing that has happened to the game

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SPAWNING MISSIONS IN VERSION 1.0 - Stormworks Version 1.0

It gives a little just like Epic Games is trying to move the cottage with large updates, the EXP system of Fortnite season 8 is still choking lots of many players. In fact, this episode of Battle Royale marks the end of the weekly challenges, an old tradition, the developers have decided to stop forever.

Instead, now players should talk with certain NPCs to start the missions chains. The intention is good, since it allows to re-refocus these tasks and add a layer of history that speaks of the rich world of fortnite. But it does not seem to be liking all players alike.

Diary of Misiones

Fans of role games are familiar with the concept of quest Log , which lists the missions you must complete while playing. And it usually happens that this record is filled with missions, even when its maximum capacity is good. The problem here is that the Registry of Missions of Fortnite can only contain up to 5 missions at a time. Not one more .

This fact forces players to juggle constantly with the missions on the list, and to give up when they surpass them or is too laborious, making them take a simpler. Mission management quickly becomes a true headache , and we rarely have time to worry about them when they pursues a hunter or when we are fighting for the master victory.

In previous seasons, weekly challenges accumulated over the weeks , and casual players could, without force the machine, winning dozens of levels when validating several objectives at the end of the season. Here, it is impossible to collect mass exp in a single game, since the amount of missions that can be done simultaneously can only be five.

missions without shine

The EXP missions of season 8 lack imagination. Spend ingots, eat food, collect materials, reconcise … The objectives are rarely exciting. Certainly they can be achieved playing normally , but for the players who liked to discover a kind of small Easter eggs dotted with Exp every week, it turns out to be a bit bland.

From the beginning of chapter 2, this season 8 will possibly be the first in which the level 100 battle pass will be difficult to get, at least for the casual player. Epic Games has also been commissioned to Nerfar the experience gained in the modes of complementary games to Battle Royale, to concentrate players in the missions system. Be special care if each season counted with the turkeys that you would gain with the pass to buy next: the S8 Farmeo requires an effort!

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