How is the most famous legend of the Civilization Empire nuclear flat holy mountain Si Meier personally said

An empire is a sovereign state made up of numerous regions as well as peoples subject to a single judgment authority, usually an emperor. A state can end up being an empire either by a narrow interpretation via having an emperor and being called because of this, or by a broad definition as mentioned above as an aggregate region under the policy of supreme authorities such as the Roman Empire.
An empire can be made solely of adjoining regions, such as the Austro-Hungarian Empire or the Russian Empire, or consist of territories which are much remote from the residence nation of the empire, such as a colonial empire. Besides the extra official use, the word empire can also refer colloquially to a massive company enterprise (e.g. a transnational company), a political organisation regulated by a single individual (a political manager), or a group (political bosses). The idea of empire is related to other such principles as imperialism, manifest destiny, and globalization, with expansionism referring to the production as well as maintenance of unequal relationships in between countries and also not always the policy of a state headed by an emperor or empress. Empire is commonly utilized as a term to define annoyance to subduing situations.There are two major ways to develop and also maintain an imperial political framework: (i) as a territorial empire of straight occupation as well as control with pressure or (ii) as a forceful, hegemonic empire of indirect occupation and also control with power. The former approach supplies higher homage as well as direct political control, yet limits additional expansion because it takes in military pressures to fixed garrisons. The latter approach provides less homage and indirect control, but obtains army forces for more development. Territorial realms (e.g. the Mongol Empire and also Abbasid Caliphate) tend to be contiguous areas. The term, on celebration, has been applied to maritime republics or thalassocracies (e.g. the Athenian as well as British realms) with looser structures and more scattered regions, often containing many islands and various other types of properties which called for the development and upkeep of an effective navy. Realms such as the Holy Roman Empire additionally came together by electing the emperor with ballots from participant worlds via the Imperial election.

:德… Sid Meier, Jennifer. plum. Jennifer Lee Noonan

We believe that comedy elements are especially important for the civilized empire , because the concept of governance is itself. We invite you to make a decision of life of thousands of people in the history of six thousand years, and the relaxing moment in the empire is a bit like a friendly eye, promise that we will assist you, standing in you Here, but quietly push you, let you stand. The headline will regularly update your country s recent situation, but the rest of the page is lace news, for example: , <Mary Queen Diet: Cake! .

In addition, I and Bruce. Snow-Raise discussed for a long time, find out how to present the happiness of the people in the way, and we think what things are happiness, quality and participation in the traditional symbol, and finally I selected the cat kings (ELVIS), Let him become a smile that runs through the Civilization Imperial series, there is a egg in the Civilized Empire III ( Egg is a player term, meaning hidden program code): If you are in the birthday of the Cat It is also playing empires on January 8. Your king will become a cat. Side Merr s designer partner

Another is always a very popular interest element, just put us in the empire.

I am a scientific adviser in the Civilized Empire and Civilization Empire III , in Alfa New Civilization leaders, in the civilized empire IV , integrates the guidance and preseason, in Civilized Empire V Is a marble statue. Jeff. Bulitg is a military adviser in Civilization Empire III . Brian. Reynolds wearing a North Army uniform, appearing in the strategic guide of North and South: Gates Fort Battle (Brian is a champion in the office, so this honor). In addition, my voice is also quietly played in North and South: Gates Fort Battle , but I am quite determined, it is the result of accidental errion. Before looking for professionals, we will be recorded in your own record, see which typhoid s effect is better.

I don t know how to do it, I have a wing of the wings! It became the fish, the post-system did not change into a formal version. In addition, almost all the sounds and portraits of the Ace Pilot are all whites of a certain Firaxis colleagues, because our mobile empire budget is limited, and you can cost itselves than hired.

There is no one in the company to debut in the Simulated Golf Course , but it is unprically, including a lake is Robin. Williams s son named CODY. In fact, the three lakes in the empire have been named by the three children of Robin, because the guest. Gordon told me, when I met with Robin, he would let Luo hunger play the prototype. At that time, if Robin found this, it would be very interesting.

However, before the Simulated Golf Course was officially launched, we had to change the name of the other two children of Robin: Sald and Chai Ke (ZAK), because this seems to have the copyright of other empires. (Nowadays, Sald is the name Sald is the name of the empire character. Chai Ke is before the Simulated Golf Course , the empire Alieg Attack in the Lucas Flower The zak mckracken and the alien minDbenders.

In recent years, the empire egg has not been as popular, mainly because a scandal called Hot Coffee is built in 2005. Some people have found Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has a small empire that is abandoned but not complete. After the module community reproduces that small empire, the world immediately understood why the studio decided to cut it off. The Grand Theft Auto series is actually famous for adult, but this incident has triggered a lot of legal disputes, and everyone is talking about whether the Grand Theft Auto is in order to avoid the review of the grading committee, deliberately put that small The empire hides, the final reconciliation is more than $ 20 million. Since then, the publisher naturally nerves in any type of hidden content, they are generally hoped to still do not put the eggs.

The comedy function of the egg is mainly replaced by the concept of Achievement , which is a virtual reward that appears after some empire standards. Standard reward moments include players through a particular difficult level, but other examples have a bit funny, for example, find Hawaii in the random map empire, will have a famous Hawaiian police exploration station Danny, Fast (BOOK EM Badge of Danno (Note: The official Chinese version of the Chinese version is Shimono Policek Blacklist ). Winning in the Civilization Imperial V The Rise of Mongolia , it will acquire Khan achievements, and will be Khan! (Khaaan!). Some achievements badges are quirky, for example: in the Civilized Empire VI , if the player has the masterpiece with Mi Kaoyui and Duo Luo, plus more than one sewer, and launched Da Wesi in New York, will receive Ninja Turtle The theme Pizza Party! (Note: The four roles of the ninja turtle are all from the Rong Dili artist in the Renaissance, which is Mikai Langquaro, Daxie Wenxi, Duo Na Luo and Ville

However, civilized empire all the related jokes over the years, and the interesting things that have been circulated, I think the most funny or Nuclear Gandhi , but the reason is complicated.

In the Civilization Empire , every civilization has preset leaders, usually the most famous historical figures of the civilization, such as the Americans led by Lincoln, England s rulers are Elizabeth. This is a shortcut to quickly establish a characteristic, but it has also triggered some problems, and Mohandas Gandhi is a good example. Gandhi is the highest visibility of India, but he is not eager to conquer the leader of the world. However, I decided not to do it, after all, the empire is not only one. Gandhi can still be a peacefulist in most, and the challenge that is difficult to defeat in the scientific competition, anyway, the perfect balanced empire AI can be compatible.

Then, things began to have fun (more about the five-flowers on the Internet): All leaders will have different qualities, from one-point to twelve, the Gandhi s aggression index is as expected to be set into one . However, whenever the country adopts democratic organs, another program coding will automatically reduce the aggression index, so the theoretical aggression index will become negative. However, the program calculation does not allow negative points, and the spill error makes the value rushed to the maximum number on the digital table, so the Gandhi s aggression index jumps to two hundred and fifteen points; therefore, once India has become a democratic country, Gandhi will become incarnation For evil good molecules, began to attack every person in the range of nuclear weapons. Not long after the empire is new, but the player feels too interesting than the difference, so it is constantly joking. empire fans have made a variety of pictures, such as: Gandhi s maps are added: They first ignore you, then laugh at you, then attack you, then cleaning them with atomic flames. In the nuclear martial arts, the whole world will surrender my feet. The picture of this category is over the Internet. Other deceasements don t even have to add text, such as Gandhi, was synthesized into the end of the movie Dr.strangelove), riding on a dropped nuclear bomb.

However, I think that the nuclear flat is very funny, not in these countless two-creative and stories, but nothing from the end, there is no one thing, and there is no overwinning error.

When the India is fighting, just like any civilization in the empire, Gandhi is indeed useful to use nuclear weapons in the case, and many players feel that this setting is very strange. The real Lincoln himself is indeed unlikely to use nuclear weapons to attack anyone, but the concept of the overall empire is that each leader will always advocate peace, there will always be the moment of drawing the bottom line. In addition, Gandens will often scare players, because his main characteristics are to avoid war, and the possible performance of two defeat is effectively stopped. Since all leaders use basic diplomatic instruction files, they may make people feel a bit before and after, but Gandhi remind you, We have nuclear weapons, we must speak! When he is only doing things that will be done in Napoleon or any other leader. In addition, in a great way to pursue technology, India is more likely to achieve relevant military technology in the early days of the empire, that is, the atomic destruction threats proposed by Gandhi may appear in the stage of players that have not yet mastered. It is a bit unnecessary to be a bit unnecessary, but it is just a threat to oral threats.

However, Gandhi s facts are not affected by the score changes brought by the democracy, and there is no value to jump to two hundred and fifty-five things. The error is from the unsigned character (unsigned character , and that is not a preset value of the C program, I didn t use it on the leader. Brian. Renault is written Civilized Empire II with C ++, and he also does not use that kind of character. After the civilized empire and Civilization Empire II have never been complained about the Gandhi vulnerabilities, nor did any updates. In the empire, Gandhi s aggression index is one from beginning to end.

The dead flies immediately pointed out that in the civilized empire V , the extent to which Gandhi preference nuclearwood was set in 12, as the chief designer Jon. Sherif was revealed. However, it was the earliest civilized empire to introduce the more than 19 years, Jon is only further makes an existing little fun. After all, Gandhi uses nuclear power, it is very important. In this series of empires, Jon is the first person of Gandhi eggs for fans, and Jon has never heard of two hundred fifty five points before the civilized empire V is launched in 2000. story.

So, where did this say?

This is the earliest in July in 2010, that is, Jon s Civilization Imperial V is two years later, the earliest civilized empire has been more than 20 years. At that time, users called tunafish provided a civilized empire cold knowledge (his own statement), and anyone can edit the field. The statement of squid is not greatly movable. In November of the same year, an anonymous user placed simplified the same story in Wikia (Wikia, and Wikipedia similar to the public cultural website), then that IP The location will never have to edit any Wikiian entry. TVTropes is unwilling to provide user information, but the squid account seems no longer move.

BUILDING THE PERSIAN EMPIRE - Rise and Fall Civilizations at War
After six weeks, the discussion string started. First, two old users with the empire forum once again filed this story, one of them asked the source, and another replied to Wikia s webpage. In the next few days, there are a few posts to other small websites, and only one person is questioned again. This is the connection of TVtropes to be evidence.

The next year, the story gradually spread. Every few months, the electronic bulletin board Reddit will come out, there is one, a male user Chaz on a Tumblr also quotes this story. This story is truly hot in October in 2014. At that time, there was a name called Gandhi, Gandhi and Civilized Empire in real life (Real life gandhi vs. civilization gandhi) again Put reddit. That comics itself has been a history of several years, and it is only a faint to emphasize the humor of Gandhi s fingers. However, six users have six users sharing their own spill error stories.

Three people have tigged, many people have become the fact.

Ten days later, the empire news website Kotaku reported the program of Gandhi, and similar articles appeared on the top of after a few hours. Both reports listed the reddit s discussion as a data source. Several news tribes also followed it, but this time Kotaku is a source of information. In February 2005, an anonymous user who did not see the traces after the first speech, leaving a excited message in Wikia s discussion page: We don t discuss the empire of democracy affecting the Gandhi aggressive index. Question? Since the civilized empire generation, it is the core element of the Civilization Empire series.

After a half of the week, nuclear flat holy mountain is included in the super large website Know your meme , the original source is also listed as civilized empire series has confirmed The fact, but it is said that it is a program error in the Civilization Empire II , not one generation. After six months, on the computer science class at Harvard University, then the story was regarded as a spilitary error instance that had occurred in the real world. It has been arrived today. Every time I, the anecdote will be filed with BBS by large news websites, for example, in the near future, Tesla foundant in Tesla. Elon Musk mentioned in this twice, and when this is dug almost every time, at least there will be a few message: Please, is this not everyone know eachone? .

The anecdote to the nuclear flatness is obviously a warning story, telling us of the importance of the source of information. I don t want the netizens who have to make this story. Perhaps his original intention is deliberate to prove that there is more unreliable. People who know the Internet most don t believe in the Internet. The squid clearly has enough knowledge, and also the trusted story. Another possibility is that someone goes into the seed for fun, I want to find out how much you have a letter, but it is completely chaotic story, turning into a historical speech. It is also possible that the squid is just an Indian civilization, and then after developing a democracy, it happens to be exploded. He is logically jumping, thinking that the problem is not that he has adopted a failed foreign policy, so I will pass the fascinating on the AI ​​head.

For me, the problem that is more worth exploring is Why is this story so attractive, each appearance will bring traffic? Of course, the Civilization Empire series is very popular is one of the reasons, but also a specific player Ethnic groups are related. We make computer empires, our players naturally understand computers, and they are mostly watching news on the Internet and meeting their social needs. Compared with the real life, in the world of the Internet, things will be circulated for a long time as long as one is written in one text. In addition, the story of nuclear martialily has a technical details, and the villagers will feel that they are smart when they share this story, but they are still very simple, anyone can understand. In addition, this story is very humorous, humorous color will make anything more than a matter. Regardless of the time, no matter how low, Gandhi will actually launch nuclear weapon is too fun.

Some people advocate that Gandhi is described as a love of nuclear weapons, because Gandhi s political concept has continued to evolve over time, he has been deeply hated other countries to oppress his own country. However, this has been left the title, and my work is a group of AI characters that created a group of balanced, then find shortcuts, let players join these roles in emotions. India s political leader Nihru (Note: Jawaharlal Nehru, India) may be a more close to the reality, but will not be so interesting less than Gande, the empire will not be so interesting.

In addition, I think this is the reason why the fans love this fictional story, and why there is no reason to confirm or expose this anecdote. Grab the satisfaction of the mistakes in the favorite empire, better than the empire you don t care. This is a cute shortcoming, equivalent to the empire community title is the < empire design teacher: they are also like us! The sneak shot. From that point of view, I understand that behind the nucleation, the player is a kind of mood. Even if it will make me fall, I will feel there is no relationship. My program does have an error moment, even if Gandhi is not one of them. In addition, I am very happy to have this empire so that I have interacted each other. Everyone is happy.

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