Tribes of Midgard Vikings Celebrate Valhalloween

Vikings, keep your drinking horns and Axes ready, because in the co-op RPG Tribes of Midgard is celebrated, and valhalloween! What exactly that means explaining the developers to you very much. Because it is obvious, of course, what an event triggers in a persistent MMO. But in a cooperative RPG, in which your Viking adventure is constantly restarting, what happens to the scary time? Valhalla and your village shine in Grusel gloss Source: Norskell

Festive challenges for Lootkists

During the event, which now lasts until November 1, 2021, there is a festive challenge per week. For a grave stone loot box you have to defeat 20 Linnorms in the first week. You can choose which box you like best and then stays in your inventory if you should bite into the grass.

In the second week from the 19th to the 25th of October 2021 you have to do 50 Val Helthings to get the Little Stranger Pet. And from October 26th to November 1, 2021, you will eventually defeat 75 pumpkin goblins to earn the Valhalloween Portrait graphic. Nawww, fluffy! Source: Norskell

Valhalloween look

In addition to these rewards that you can emit for your efforts, Valhalla and your village shine in a festive-creepy glory, say: You can see grumbling lamps everywhere glow and pumpkins grin to you. At a night defense, the music changes.

Your Vikings can also throw themselves in festive costumes. For Golden Horns you can buy the costumes of the Linnorm and the headless Nordmann in the shop. The Werwolf Costume, however, costs like the fluffy little Winwolf-Young Platinum coins.

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