Phlas of Eternal Skyrim Avoid new information spill

Last year s XBOX online showcase released, the new information of the Avowed entertainment RPG and Avowed (Avowed) were leaked.

According to the reported report that the Overseas Media Windows Central was founded through the internal sources, the Avaver is a game that is mixed with the background and outer world of the background and the outer world. However, against that the outer world has a similar interface similar to faults, the assistant is to borrow the settings and combat methods of the Elder Scroll.

According to reports, the combat method is similar to Skyrim among the Elder Scrolls series. It is possible to play the power through both hands and the power through the binheter equipment, or play with a variety of concepts such as a two-end assassin. You can also equip magic and weapons separately. The class can be mixed with transcription, caster, and largely divided into two.

The magic is similar to that of Philas of Eternal. There are a variety of orders that remind the game, including both hands, including the Fire Ball, and it will be cast through the preparation operation such as hand motion. In addition to the attack magic, it is also possible to assign multiple properties to the status and weapons.

In addition, the Avaud implemented a colorful visual image with a special light source effect, such as cave mushrooms, green forests, and neon effects, and it is possible to destroy and proceed with a given environment. Map can be used more freely. In the spill report, it may be mentioned that you may burn the entrance to use for fire.

Obsidian's Avowed Just Had A Gigantic Leak - NEW Gameplay Details, Story Info, & MORE!

There is still no clear position on the Opcidian side for these new information leaks. But when Windows Central is considered to be the quality of the content of the content that they confirmed, it will be seen as a guess that it would be seen in the E3 event next year, and it is the expectation that no new information may appear.

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