2 Bundesliga Saturday conference on the 10th matchday in the live ticker for reading

FC St. Pauli defended his lead, the KSC defeated the new bottom club Erzgebirge Aue, Ingolstadt and Kiel separate at 10. Round in a draw. Here you can read in the Live Ticker early Saturday Games of the 2. Bundesliga.

2 . Bundesliga: The Saturday game of the 10th match day at a glance

kick-off | Home | result | outwards
— | — | — |-
13:30 | Karlsruher SC | 2: 1 | Erzgebirge Aue
13:30 | 1. FC Heidenheim | 2: 4 | FC St. Pauli
13:30 | FC Ingolstadt | 1: 1 | Holstein Kiel
20:30 | Hamburger SV | -: – | Fortuna Dusseldorf

2 . Bundesliga Saturday Conference on 10 match day Live Scores for future

Conclusion: It is very difficult for Aue and Ingolstadt in terms of relegation, next Friday in a direct duel but could be a deep black sky brighten considerably. And it is above all very hard for promotion favorites, because St. Pauli still is extremely stable. For this one has plenty of individual class, so you put a botched initial phase and a gap with a strong opponent quite loose away. Kiel as above can not have a say in the previous year, although the KSC is fifth, but otherwise I do not see too few arguments for higher goals.

2 . Bundesliga Saturday Round Conference on 10 NOW LIVE Scores – Played

90 .: Karlsruhe-Aue

With more luck than skill KSC trembles the three crossed the finish line. Nazarov after fright Pass offside Bussmann takes the last ball right at goalkeeper Kuster.

90 .: Ingolstadt-Kiel

Very unsatisfactory draw for Ingolstadt, but the Red Lantern you pass in order to Aue.

90 .: Heidenheim-St. Pauli

Circuit in Heidenheim, St. Pauli turns the game and reserves the standings.

90 .: Karlsruhe-Aue

We enjoy the final phase of Karlsruhe, for there is still emotionally most in it. Compensation or counter to 3: 1. A whopping six minutes, there is an extra for it.

  1. Ingolstadt-Kiel

Today the storks prove little football expertise, but make up for it by football celebrities. A certain Lewis Holtby comes for Fin Bartels, Arp continue on the bench.

2 . Bundesliga Saturday Round Conference on 10 NOW LIVE Scores – Tor Aue

83 .: Karlsruhe-Aue

Toooor! Karlsruhe – AUE 2: 1. Under number is not good, but the door has nothing to do, because the ball was resting in a free kick Barylla from a good 22 meters. Or has not responded adequately Kuster because he thought one more man in the wall?

2 . Bundesliga Saturday Round Conference on 10 NOW LIVE Scores – Tor Heidenheim

85 .: Heidenheim-St. Pauli

Toooor! HEIDENHEIM – St. Pauli 4: 2. In January, the thing ended with 3: 4, a repeat seems possible. Because Heidenheim gets a hit, strongly prepared by Leipertz, so that Kleindienst only has to push.

80 .: Karlsruhe-Aue

The KSC now outnumbered. A long ball from his own half found Sijaric ten feet in front of goal Starfraum. Gersbeck is out of his goal and hits the opponent, but not the ball. Badstübner immediately shows the red card and of course that is absolutely correct.

2 . Bundesliga Saturday Round Conference on 10 NOW LIVE Scores – Tor St. Pauli

81 .: Heidenheim-St. Pauli

Toooor! Heidenheim – ST. Pauli 1: 4. Not only Burgstaller, also Dittgen may double in St. Pauli. Said his first probably in the professional sector, in youth, which he spent in Duisburg, Schalke, Dortmund and Nuremberg, the more often will have worked. This place was only a formality, the counterattack Kyereh who is still sauschnell go in minutes, was simply well played.

78 Ingolstadt .: keel

Again the Kutschke who can play his heading ability. This time, after a cross from Stendera, but not like the compensation into the net, but clearly left over.

75 .: Karlsruhe-Aue

We go into the final quarter of an hour. With a Yellow for Auer Fandrich after foul on Schleusener.

73 .: Heidenheim-St. Pauli

St. Pauli has everything under control, but only as a reminder. Schalke Burgstaller has not sold, they gave him another earnest money for the journey to Hamburg, that he finally disappears from the farm. After 95 games and 24 goals and always impeccable use truly a more than unconventional demeanor, but that was not known unpunished.

70 Ingolstadt .: keel

A goal for Kiel course would again light up the 18 for Ingolstadt leave. But after that it actually not, on the contrary, the Upper Bavaria pushing further to the 2: 1 and Kiel is minimalist.

2 . Bundesliga Saturday Round Conference on 10 NOW LIVE Scores – Tor Karlsruhe

67 .: Karlsruhe-Aue

Toooor! KARLSRUHE – Aue 2: 0th Raise the Red Lantern for Aue is increasingly likely. front you meet just nothing and then starts up cheap goals conceded one. Which Heise has also done well but, as a solo you have to stop at some point stop. Otherwise the ball ends up in the penalty area at Hofmann and can also do something as a center forward with it. Not a chance, however, for Männel, but is at Aue anyway never really the culprit.

64 .: Heidenheim-St. Pauli

Action course in Heidenheim, only Kleindienst and Leipertz for Burnic and shimmer.

63 .: Karlsruhe-Aue

Aue with a triple change, Nazarov, Haertel and Sijaric are now to save what still the same. Zolinski, Carlson and Gueye are out

60 .: Karlsruhe-Aue

Next a zerfahrenes game in Ingolstadt, near Kiel, but is not Arp in the game, but Skrzybski comes to Pichler.

2 . Bundesliga Saturday Round Conference on 10 NOW LIVE Scores – Tor St. Pauli

60 .: Heidenheim-St. Pauli

Toooor! Heidenheim – ST. Pauli 1: 3. Please do not ask me the question why Burgstaller kicks in this league, for which it is unquestionably well above qualified. This question goes to the former Schalke management, which is known to have done everything wrong, but the biggest mistake was of course the Personnel Burgstaller. Back to daily business, this time something that today we have not had, a wonderful range shot that turns into the left corner.

2 . Bundesliga Saturday Round Conference on 10 NOW LIVE Scores – Tor St. Pauli

56 .: Heidenheim-St. Pauli

Toooor! Heidenheim – ST. Pauli 1: 2. but a scorer is that always has an eye for the players. This benefits Maximilian Dittgen who has the right of the six yard box no effort to maneuver the ball over the line.

2 . Bundesliga Saturday Round Conference on 10 NOW LIVE Scores – Tor St. Pauli

54 .: Heidenheim-St. Pauli

Toooor! Heidenheim – ST. Pauli 1: 1. Has indicated himself just was Kyereh close. The preliminary work came from Burgstaller, but even the Goalgetter can it stop but the best. Assist goes to Irvine, but of course that was in once again from receiving the ball until the completion of first class from the Austrians.

2 . Bundesliga Saturday Round Conference on 10 NOW LIVE Scores – Tor Karlsruhe

47 .: Karlsruhe-Aue

Toooor! KARLSRUHE – Aue 1: 0th The match in Karlsruhe started a bit later, but also needs less than 60 seconds is the first major event. But only 46 Thiede wins the ball from the right side up to the penalty spot, takes Fandrich and does everything right. Fine degree from the rotation to the lower right corner of the net dergelichen, they sought in vain before the break.

2 . Bundesliga Saturday Round Conference on 10 NOW LIVE Scores – Tor Ingolstadt

47 .: Ingolstadt-Kiel

Toooor! INGOLSTADT – Kiel 1: 1. And may ran Gebauer for Heinloth the FCI. But what is the most important message of 46 minutes at the Audi Sportpark not and has not directly to do with the balance.

46 .: Heidenheim-St. Pauli

With one change in Heidenheim, Thomalla in the home for cold weather. And the North German act now instead of Dittgen Bay man.

46 .: The match

halftime Conclusion: Rarely log table less! The big game is a thrilling duel from the opening whistle away, Heidenheim at the beginning clearly better, but St. Pauli is long in the game. In the basement there is, however, quite dark, Ingolstadt and Aue have indeed tried very hard, but the only scoring cheered the day so far rather minimalist acting Kiel. Overall, therefore, a moderate yield with only two booths, but each bet is that the change after the restart is.

2 . Bundesliga Saturday Round Conference on 10 NOW LIVE Scores – half-time

45 .: All games

Which is already over, even in Karlsruhe and Ingolstadt rests the ball.

45 .: Heidenheim-St. Pauli

And we stick to the big game, there is one minute injury time.

  1. Heidenheim-St. Pauli

Long it will take longer, it takes revenge that the FCH from the initial stage only with a 1: 0 went out. For guests approach the balance, however, these cross from Irvine found no takers.

40 .: Karlsruhe-Aue

Breithaupt, who had been noticed only with yellow, has been before the break out. Schleusener makes it view of KSC from now hopefully better.

39 .: Karlsruhe-Aue

Since must have a rumgegrölt on site in Baden, for the KSC is now actually woke up. Wanitzek shoots to the center, but still. Seconds later, Marc Lorenz sets a header just wide right past.

38 .: Heidenheim-St. Pauli


Kühlwetter beflegelt Ziereis in the half intensively for the last shove, there is then completely uncontroversial yellow.

31st.: Ingolstadt-Kiel

Ingolstadt, of course, continue in disability mode. Free kick and who does not bring more than a keel counterattack. Preißinger pulls the tactical foul, yellow and break at the coming Friday just in Aue.

31st.: Karlsruhe-aue

St. Pauli is now better in the game, flop of the day is therefore rather the KSC despite the current game level, which offered a first half hour of the underground variety.

28.: Karlsruhe-aue

Of course, somehow also applies to Aue, but the East Germans looks more compelling than the Upper Bavaria. Now fright is clearly overmitted and sees the next yellow card of the game after a rough and nonsensical foul at Choi at the height of the centerline.

25.: Ingolstadt-Kiel

No reproach to the FCI, 5: 1 goal shots show the high commitment. Only the degrees so far are all too harmless, clear, these empty kilometers are typical of tableware.

2 0.: Karlsruhe-aue

The desire to look to Karlsruhe is further limited, but the game is still too level. But the first yellow of the afternoon is to be rewarded, widely with the tactical foul against Zolinski, clear thing.

23.: Heidenheim-St. Pauli

And suddenly he is there, the Guido Burgstaller. Irvine prepares, the ex-Schalke sights the left corner and Kevin Müller may be award.

21.: Heidenheim-St. Pauli

Amazing how little the leadership is so far. After all, the Paulianians now defend something attentive, but the score ratio of 6: 0 speaks volumes. Heidenheim would have to lead higher.

16.: Karlsruhe-aue

The early ends of the horror with seven fouls as the only significant number is over now. And Aue records the first conclusion, good chance for bold, but after an intense solo probably lacked the force for a precise degree. Gersbeck is on the spot.

2 . Bundesliga: Saturday conference on the 10th matchday now in the live ticker – Tor Kiel

13: Ingolstadt-Kiel

TOOOOOR! Ingolstadt – Kiel 0: 1. Bitter for the Schanzer, because they were more concerned with making this game proactively. But barely the northern lights get lost in the opposing half, they may already cheer. Thanks to the Heidenheim tactic, simply pure, will be something. Kerkeskov promptly finds the skull of new access Pichler and that uses the clearance for an untenable header to the left corner.

8.: Heidenheim-St. Pauli

That this game becomes the top game, that was clear. Nothing going on on the other places, but the FCH shakes mighty on the tree, so the 2-0 may fall down. Cooling weather fails to Nikola Vasilj, shimmer in itself. But where is the guest defense

2 . Bundesliga: Saturday conference on the 10th matchday now in the live ticker – Tor Heidenheim

4.: Heidenheim-St. Pauli

TOOOOOR! Heidenheim – St. Pauli 1: 0 .. The ones who are there cheer for the missing 3000 now with. For the hosts create the dream start, although the previously praised defense of the hamburgers had not yet arrived in the south of the republic. Ball gain shimmer, in the middle MOHR stands pretty blank and carries out of 13 meters safely.

3.: Heidenheim-St. Pauli

10,000 spectators in the Voith Arena, that looks very much after normal operation. Couple there would be no longer possible without the restrictions, but ..

1.: All games

Roll the three balls.

2 . Bundesliga: Saturday conference on the 10th match now in the Livetick – kick-off

Karlsruhe-aue: The last duel of the afternoon the KSC is the clear favorite. Sure, the Siegless Erzgebirglers have had a few times bad luck, in the defeat in Regensburg as well as the memorable 1: 1 most recently against the HSV. But the Karlsruhe have a solid and a well-rehearsed eleven, which is far less error-prone and today wants to make the leap in the upper table half.

Ingolstadt-Kiel: From the clear heights of the table from in the deepest basement, so to Aue and Ingolstadt. The FCI is the last, four counters are missing to Kiel and the saving shore. The Season of the Schanzer has ruled quite gruesome in Sandhausen apart from the away win. Curiously, however, one has won a test match at the 1st FC Nuremberg 7: 0 in the country break. Opponent Kiel has already disappointed several times in the still young season, but mostly at home. Rather, no forecast possible.

Heidenheim-St. Pauli: Let s start right with the classprimus. Of course, that has not only the most strongest offensive players of the league with castle finer, but a really good troupe together, even the defensive shines with a contradiction of less than 1.0. But there is not much to complain about the FCH, Werder is just the alpace opponent, but was recently in the test match 3: 2 victory at Greuther Fürth. And the Kiezkickers are anything but a fighting opponent, until the curious 3: 4 in the preseason this time was fed six times in series from the Voith Arena.

Before starting: Soon the first third of the season ends, yesterday s results suggest that Schalke will go the way of the VFB Stuttgart. Rarely convincing, but ultimately relatively secure. Where Paderborn and Regensburg continue to mix up, the FC St. Burgi can now restore the old spacing of three points. HSV and Werder are only in the evening or tomorrow.

Before starting: The following games are kicked off at 1.30pm: Karlsruher SC – Erzgebirge Aue, 1. FC Heidenheim – FC St. Pauli, FC Ingolstadt – Holstein Kiel.

Before starting: Hello and welcome to the conference live ticker of the three second ligament games in the early Saturday afternoon.

2 . Bundesliga: Saturday conference on the 10th match day live in the TV and Livestream

In free TV, the four second ligament games will not be transferred with the start of the game 13.30 clock today. You can see you live on you, however, in pay TV at SKY – also in a conference. Their transfer begins at 13 o clock SKY Sport Bundesliga 3 . The single games on the following channels: Heidenheim – St. Pauli: Sky Sport Bundesliga 4, Ingolstadt – Kiel: Sky Sport Bundesliga 5 . Karlsruhe – Aue: SKY Sport Bundesliga 6 .

All games and the conference can also see you with the corresponding subscription in the Livestream. To open the live streams, you need either the SKYGO App or any time bookable SKYTICKET (option for non-customers).

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2 . Bundesliga: The current table on the 10th matchday

Place | Team | Sp. | Goals | Diff | Pkt.
— | — | — | — | — |-
1. | FC St. Pauli | 9 | 19: 8 | 11 | 19
2. | SSV Jahn Regensburg | 10 | 21: 11 | 10 | 19
3rd | Schalke 04 | 10 | 17: 11 | 6 | 19
4. | SC Paderborn | 10 | 21: 11 | 10 | 18
5. | 1. FC Nuremberg | 9 | 11: 7 | 4 | 15
6. | 1. FC Heidenheim | 9 | 10: 9 | 1 | 15
7. | Hamburger SV | 9 | 15: 11 | 4 | 14
8. | Werder Bremen | 9 | 14: 12 | 2 | 14
9. | SV Darmstadt 98 | 9 | 21: 13 | 8 | 13
10. | Karlsruher SC | 9 | 14: 11 | 3 | 13
11. | SG Dynamo Dresden | 9 | 13: 11 | 2 | 13
12. | Fortuna Dusseldorf | 9 | 13: 15 | -2 | 11
13. | Hannover 96 | 10 | 7: 13 | -6 | 11
14. | FC Hansa Rostock | 9 | 10: 14 | -4 | 10
15. | Holstein Kiel | 9 | 9: 19 | -10 | 8th
16. | SV Sandhausen | 9 | 8: 20 | -12 | 7
17. | FC Erzgebirge Aue | 9 | 6: 16 | -10 | 4
18. | FC Ingolstadt | 9 | 6: 23 | -17 | 4

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