Rainbow Six Siege invites you to Halloween Doktor s Curse

When the doctor finally left the castle after his ongoing eternal experiments and torture, new creatures joined the fun. Monsters have new friends, as well as recurring exterminators. Will they put an end to the horrors whose castle was a witness or cursed power will continue?

On October 12, three weeks start when you survive the curse of a doctor in Rainbow Six Siege. Doktor s Curse is a special game mode in a hide-and-seek, in which the defenders are trying to survive until the end of the round, unless they manage to eliminate powerful attackers. On this occasion, both teams are equipped with special equipment sets, but no one has a firearm.

Each attacker (exterminator) is wearing a special balancing hammer, which crushed monsters. The attackers also have access to three gadgets, with the help of which they fight opponents: Jackal has its eyenox model III, Lion – EE-ONE-D, and Sledge – Pulse Heart Sensor.

Each defender (monster) has its typical trap gadget with modified values ​​and a special ability known under the name Night walking, which provides them with invisibility and faster speed. However, monsters can not use an even attack.

This event is accompanied by an updated Doktor s Curse collection, which contains uniforms and head accessories for monsters, as well as matching painting weapons and decorations. Together with the collection, the event will have a total of 48 special items.

To the already famous creatures (Smoke, Kock, Frost, Lesion and Ela) joins Jackal, Lion and Melusi. In addition, a special performance will pass KAID, which will appear as a vampire blood greed, and you will be accompanied by a new package forbidden surgery. Doktor s Curse collection packages can be purchased in the package section on the home screen for 300 loans R6 or 12,500 points. Publicity.

All items from the collection, as well as some items from the last time are available in the purchase as a single package for 1680 loans R6. Fun lasts until November 2. Details can be found here.

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