Pok mon Go December and holiday events 2019 announced

Niantic has announced several upcoming events for Pokémon Go for the month of December.

The first December event is a new special research called Challenging Development, and continues the current conflict against Team Go Rocket. Players who participate in special research have again the opportunity to challenge Giovanni, the head of the Go Rocket team. Players will also have the opportunity to acquire and purify The Elechor of the Shadow.

???? December has arrived, and there are now even more reasons to be happy, trainers! ???? Here are some events in play that will happen soon!
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Another new event will start on Monday, December 16th. From this date, different Pokémon will soon hatch The Eggs. The blog post encourages players incubate the eggs and out to find out which Pokémon will hatch their eggs.

The legendary Viridium Pokémon will make its debut in The Five Star Raids from Tuesday, December 17 at 13:00 HNP. Viridium is a black and white, white and white court sword, and is a grass and combat pikemon. It is low against poisons, fire, mediums, ice cream and fairies; It is four times vulnerable to flying type movements. This Viridium event will end on January 7, 2020 at 13:00 HNP.

The next event is a raid weekend with the Legendaries of pokemon gold and silver , HO-OH and Lugia respectively. During the weekend starting Friday, December 20, Lugia and HO-OH will be available in The Five Star Raids. HO-OH is a legendary fire and flying type, while Lugia is a psychic and flying Pokémon. The Raid weekend will end on December 23 at 13:00nd HNP. Viridium will also be available in five-star raids during this RAID weekend.

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The Pokémon Go The 2019 The Fests event will begin on Tuesday, December 24 at 12 pm. During the event, The Pokémon in holiday theme costumes and new ice type pokemon will begin to appear. There will also be the exclusive field research at the event and new winter items to buy to customize your coaching avatar. This event will end on January 1 at 11:59 pm local time.

Here are all the features listed for pokemon Go holiday 2019:

Pokémon in vacation costumes: Pikachu, Raichu and Pichu wearing the bells and the bells wearing the bells will appear in Pokemon Go for the first time.

Pokémon appearing in nature: delicious ice type pokemon will appear in nature, such as Farfuret, Cadoizo, Stalgamin, and more! Polarhume, the Chill Pokémon, doing its pokemon Go start.
Pokémon appearing in Eggs: Alanlan Sabelette, Alalan Goupix, Pichu wearing the bells and crooked the bells hatch from 7 km eggs.
Pokémon appearing in the battles of Raid: Raichu wearing the bells and cergrousse wearing the bells will appear in The Raids with two stars.
Pokémon attracted by the Glacial Lure modules: launch an icy module Lure on a pokestop near you and you will have a chance to meet hexagel, the crystallizing Pokémon, Pokemon Go start.
Exclusive field research at the event: Enjoy exclusive field search tasks for the event that will reward you with the chance to meet The Pokémon like Pikachu wearing the beans.
Save the Pokémon Shadow! We have the reasons to believe that Team Go Rocket has transformed more Pokémon, including Cadoizo, in Pokémon Shadow! There could be other shadow Pokémon to discover in the high and low places, so go ahead and save them.
If you are lucky, you could meet Shiny Cergruige wearing the bells and Shiny Blizzi.
Avatar items on the theme of winter to come in the shop! You can expect a cerfrose sweater and a cerfrose headband and a cap matching the one that some Pikachu wear for this event.

The final event will take place on the last Saturday of December. This is an eight-hour event that will start on December 28 at 11 am and will end at 7 pm local time. During these eight hours, the Glacial Lure modules will last two hours. These glacial lures will attract the ice parkemon as Cadoizo and Polarhume. During this event, if you are changing your Avoli in Givrali using an icy lure, you will have a Givrali who knows the Last Resort movement. Registry will also return to raids and players will win two additional raid passes every time they turn a disc in a gym. For more details on what all the month of December brings, consult the official pokemon Go Blog article.

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