Destiny 2 probably accidentally shows the new PowerCap for Witch Queen

Destiny 2 newly adjusts the powerlevel to allow players to prepare the incentive to prepare for higher activities such as a new RAID or dungeon. A random find now provides information about which Power Level could expect you in Witch Queen. We from Meinmmo show you what is turn.

What is the Powerlevel? The PowerLevel is your level, which can be measured by the strength of your weapons and armor. So if you have a complete set of weapons and armor with a Powerlevel of 1320, your guardian will have a total value of 1320.

When infusing or putting a different equipment, which has a lower or higher value, it varies your overall standings into positive or negative. The higher your level, the more damage you can share and the less damage you suffer.

Masks Lake Possible PowerCap for Witch Queen

Maybe that has noticed that too: Check out exactly, do you recognize that on the new mask ball cap from the festival of the lost one other Powerlimit is declared than on all other well-known armor, which gives it to earn.

This PowerCap is set to 1710 and shows how high Destiny 2 could go to the new extension The Witch Queen . These are only guesses, bungie could be discarded or rewriting anytime.

What is that special? If you take the new possible Powercap under the magnifying glass, it will also be clear that you expect hard grinding. Whether bungie grants you through the new story access to a higher armor is unknown.

However, the idea is more likely that you will get new equipment through the new quests that could at least bring you close to the PowerCaps.

Destiny 2 | How to POWER LEVEL to 1330 in Season 15 (Over-Simplifed Guide)

How was it in Shadowkeep and Beyond Light? When transitioning to the new Great DLC of Destiny 2, there was also a difference between the two power values. In the last Season of Shadowkeep, the limit of values ​​was 1060 and the new value received in Beyond Light was at 1260.

The seasonal power border of the current Season amounts to 1330, which could be replaced with the new PowerLimit of 1710.

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Any guardian, the Destiny 2, knows how annoying the grind can be for individual power values. Players therefore go to court for a long time (via Nevertheless, we should not judge ahead. Only the time will show what is true and what is not.

What do you think about this discovery? Are you also encountered? If so, what were your thoughts there? Let s know us in the comments!

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