Hunted Chocolatier is Eric Barone s next game

Eric Barone , developer also known as Corcernedape , has shown the first images that will be your next game, a simulator entitled Haunted Chocolatier . As we can see in advance, it is a game very similar to Starkew Valley in which we are in charge of managing a chocolate factory in which all employees are ghosts. Among our functions will be to get ingredients, develop new recipes and defend the people of all kinds of monsters.

Haunted Chocolatier Baby from Stardew Valley not only in its aesthetic section. Systems to interact with people s neighbors and establish different relationships with them seem quite similar, as well as combat, dialogue and performance of the forge. However, we will still have to wait to learn more details of a development that is still in its earliest phases.

In December 2018, Barone shared with the community of him his intention to stop Side Stardew Valley to be able to focus on a new project that is paralyzed. Although there is no confirmation that this project is Haunted Chocolatier, if we know that Barone did not leave the work of the farm simulator in the hands of his team because, when publishing the Player Update – which added the most content since the launch – it added He confirmed that he had been responsible for the writing and composition of the new topics of the title. Since it is already confirmed that there will be no more updates for Stardew Valley, we seem to know more about Hunted Chocolatier in the coming months.

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