Overwatch McCree has a new name

Already a few months ago, Blizzard Entertainment announced that the Overwatch hero will rename Jesse McCree. The cowboy was named after an employee who is involved in the recent scandal of sexual harassment, which has held the activision blizzard in breath last six months.

A reborn cowboy

Activision Blizzard Will Rename Overwatch's Jesse McCree Due To Association With Disgraced Dev
Now those responsible have announced the new name of the hero. In the future, Jesse McCree will listen to the sonorous name Cole Cassidy. The associated update will be published on October 26, 2021 for Overwatch . From the official site, it says in this regard:

The first thing a bandit loses is his name and this has given up his long time ago. Leaving away from his past, it meant to leave himself away and with each year the gap between the one he was and the one he has become getting bigger. But in the life of every cowboy comes a time in which he must stop and fight for themselves.

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The developers have also obtained a clear position by writing: To make this new Overwatch better ─ to restore things again ─ he had to be honest with his team and to themselves. The cowboy he was ride in the sunset and Cole Cassidy sees the world in dawn.

Blizzard Entertainment would like to refrain from being immortalized in some way in games in some way. Accordingly, neither names, locations nor objects should be named after employees in order to never experience such a situation again and to strengthen the fictional worlds at the same time.

Meet Cole Cassidy.

Rides Into Overwatch October 26. pic.twitter.com/ct6pmanxns

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