XQC launches the new name of McCree in Overwatch

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Blizzard Entertainment revealed this week that the McCree character of Supervision would eventually see its name changed to «Cole Cassidy» in a new update that will be launched next week. As expected, many Supervision Fans quickly had their own opinions about the new character s name, and many claimed that they did not like alteration. Perhaps nobody had a stronger opinion about the name change that the current twitch and exprofessional star. Supervision Player Felix «XQC» lengyel.

In a recent transmission on its Twitch channel, the audience of it informed XQC that Blizzard had announced the new MCCREE name for Supervision . When he finished looking for the announcement for himself, XQC thought they were making a joke. «Who the hell is that? He asked when he saw the new name. «This is a kind of deception, man. It is real? Cole Cassidy? Who the hell is that?

XQC continued saying that he does not believe that many veteran players end up complying with this new name and that, on the other hand, they will simply continue to refer to McCree as, good, McCree. No one is going to use that name, he said definitely. This is a feeling that several other fanatics in social networks have continued to express since Blizzard revealed that Cole Cassidy would be the new identity of McCree. It remains to be seen if these promises end up being fulfilling or not.

When it comes to the real name change of MCCREE that takes place in supervision , Blizzard has said that it will launch a new update next Tuesday, October 26 so that the turn is official. Then, if you are someone who still feels very convinced that McCree maintains the original name of him, you only have a few days to keep seeing it reflected in the game.

Do you agree with XQC that so much time Supervision Is it likely that players do not begin to refer to McCree as Cole Cassidy? Or are you a fan of the new name of the cowboy? Let me know your thoughts in the comments or contact me on Twitter in @ mooreman12.

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