The current Destiny 2 model is not long term long term

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Listen, it must be said that I am a long-standing player of Destiny. I played the original Destiny and Destiny 2 from the first day. That s why I m writing this article. I am a fan of Destiny 2, and the decisions that Bungie continues to take myself upset. Destiny 2 is not as good as it could be, and it is impossible, in its current state, to recommend this game to new players or even those who have just paused and do not have much played recently.

There are several different reasons why I feel like it. This is summed up to which destiny 2 is confusing for the new players, how expensive it is to continue playing and how much you do not guarantee that the content you buy will stay in the game: this last point, Someone who has played since the first day, that s what bothers me the most.

Let s start with the fact that the content you buy is not guaranteed to stay, because it causes some other problems. As a person playing since the first day, I spent $ 60 on the basic game, $ 40 on Forsaken, $ 35 on Shadowkeep and more money on the seasons. It s easy to spend $ 200 for the game, and now I have no access to some of this content. I can not replay The Red War, which was all the beginning of Destiny 2. Soon, I will not be able to replay the contents of Forsaken history, which is by far the best content in the story of Destiny 2.

I have trouble recommending a game, even if I appreciate it if the new players can not catch up on the world and the characters without going down in the Youtube rabbit burrow. This does not even cover the 10,000 different currencies that Destiny 2 for whom new players have no natural ways to integrate. Bungie does a terrible job by balancing all these different currencies and specifying what players need for what. This, combined with content storage, makes incredibly difficult for Destiny 2 to attract new players. They are just overloaded with characters and worlds that they have no knowledge, combined with 100,000 different currencies on which they have absolutely no idea. This should not take search on YouTube to play a game. Especially one as Destiny 2 who wants to please as many people as possible.

This content storage explains how expensive it is to continue playing Destiny 2, and Bungie continues to make it more and more expensive. The game is now free at startup, and not free because the content of the free version is very limited. The free version does not essentially give you strikes, locations for PVE, gambit and crucible events. In the current state of things, Bungie had retained all the content that was once part of the free New Light game model when they got rid of the Red War campaign. For me, it is misleading to call Desty 2 Free-to-Play while you have access to almost nothing and you have to pay to access any real story content. It s just a free trial similar to Final Fantasy XIV but not as good.

Let s talk about some other live service games that have also been existing for years but, in my opinion, do a much better accessibility work that Destiny 2. I mentioned Final Fantasy XIV, and I think it s an excellent Example of how to do things well. You purchase content, and this content continues to exist. Really, it should be obvious, but apparently this is not the case.

Okay, you can say that the $ 15 monthly price ensures that all this is funded, while Destiny 2 does not have a monthly subscription model. Well, we can look Elder Scrolls Online for another game that has existed for years and who regularly publishes content that is not deleted from the game either. Have I clearly indicated how much the continuous storage content is still Strange? It s a strange thing to do.

We could also look at another game, because I m sure people will complain that ESO offers an optional monthly model, so let s look at No Man s Sky. The game that launched a disappointment but managed to build in a respectable game. He did it by offering massive extensions without any charge for the player for years now.

The MMO has long been now now, and the new Destiny 2 model is simply not viable with the way they are realized. Can you imagine if Final Fantasy XIV comes out a new extension that has just removed the first part of the story? This would create an alienating experience that would make it very difficult for new players to start. This can be said for Destiny 2, which tells a story and likes to bring back ancient characters and wicked that new players from Destiny 2 have no way to know about.

I love Destiny 2. I m not sitting here and I write this because I hate the game. I do not think he ll fall dead here soon. The game remains a huge success! That s why it s so frustrating for me to see Bungie make this game more and more difficult to recommend. The lack of history content in free mode, the continuous storage of older content, 1,000,000 different currencies and how expensive it is to continue playing Destiny 2 a very difficult sale for me. The DLC costs $ 40 and includes dungeons, but with the Queen Witch extension, Bungie removes the dungeons of the extension and invoice a supplement for them. Or you can have them in the luxury edition at $ 80. Putting content in a safe, then charge more for things that were included is not a good way to keep players happy, bungie.

I really hope that Witch Queen is so good that I change completely of opinion and recommends destiny 2 to those who have not played or who have not paused extended. Considering how much Shadowkeeep and Beyond Light have been compared to Forsaken, I have doubts. Destiny 2 is not dead, but if it does not change the way it works, it will not attract new blood either and will only get more and more money to dedicated players. It will simply not work forever.

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