PC RTS drought in dan Age of Empire 4

On the 29th, Age of Empire 4, which is available in the Age of Empire 4, is continuing. Age of Empire 4 is available on PCs, and is recorded in 50 reviews in meta-creens, based on 26 days, and 83 experts rating.

Positively evaluating the Age of Empire Series is that it has put the unique charm of the Empire series. Based on the eight civilizations that I had, I have built a city and raise a troops to create a history of troops, and have been able to realize the historical combat and reproduce the historical battle, It is flat to support the amount of multiplayer content supported. PC RTS is a new title in overseas, but it is not a comment that monarches that RTS new work adhered to the Stagnacle 2 after StarCraft 2.

Evolution of Age of Empires 1997-2021

However, it is not excellent in graphical quality, but it is also caused to raise the maximum population of large populations. In addition, there is also a comment that refers to a stable choice to inherited the series strength than innovation.

Age of Empire 4 is available on the 29th, PC, and supports Korean subtitles and voices. Eight civilizations such as England, China and Deli Sultan will appear. The 35 missions containing different stories have four single campaigns and supported online cooperative and charging mode, which can participate in up to seven people. In early next year, mode support is added.

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