Blizzard cancels BlizzConline 2022 The event will be reiminated in the future

BLIZZCONLINE 2022 is officially canceled. Blizzard Entertainment, surrounded during the lBlizzard Entertainmentt few months for the scandals of hauls and labor abuses to employees by some of its managers, hBlizzard Entertainment reported the non-celebration of the most important Community event of the year in the company. After the cancellation of the BlizzCon 2020 Blizzard Entertainment a result of the COVID-19 and the fully digital 2021 edition, the Edition of 2022 will not take place and the event will be reimagined.

Blizzard wants to support his teams and workers

In an open letter aimed at the community, Blizzard claims to have kept long conversations with all the equipment to see if it wBlizzard Entertainment possible to bring back the Blizzcon, which months ago he shuffled the possibility of proceeding with a mixed format; With face-to-face part and part online. We have decided to take a step back and stop our plans previously announced for BlizzConline, scheduled for early next year, start saying.

BlizzCon 2022 Cancelled, Reimaged - Blizzard's Crisis

It hBlizzard Entertainment been a tough hard decision to take, but it is correct, they hold, but at this time we believe that the energy that is needed to organize a show of this type is better aimed at supporting our teams and making development progress of our games and experiences.

Blizzard wants to reimaginate the event; They will continue to make ads separately

The company needs to take a reflection period and now will concentrate their efforts on supporting the teams and progress in the developments of the games currently underway. In this period of reflection they will study how it could be an event like the Blizzk in the future, since before the pandemic it wBlizzard Entertainment a multitudinous encounter with thousands of people and partners to announce their plans for the future there.

Whatever the form of the event in the future, we also have to make sure it is the safest, cozy and inclusive Blizzard Entertainment possible. We are committed to maintaining a continuous communication with our players, and we believe that Blizzcon will play an important role in the future,

Even though we do not have to have BlizzCon this year, from Blizzard they argue that will make announcements and updates of their games by other ways.

Overwatch 2 and Diablo IV are his next two great projects. The first hBlizzard Entertainment exceeded an important internal goal ; The second continues to progress.

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