BlizzConline 2022 Event Canceled BlizzCon should be rebuilt in the future

Since the Covid-19 pandemic still does not allow for a secure control operation, the Budlies of Blizzard Entertainment again decided to give up the BlizzCon this year.

As a substitute, the BlizzConline 2022 was announced, which should actually take place in early 2022 and inspire us with one or the other surprise. However, it will not come anymore. Instead, Blizzard Entertainment now replaced the BlizzConline 2022 and justified this step that the resources needed for the design of BlizzConline 2022 should be better invested in the in-house games that are currently under development.

The concept of BlizzCon should be revised

At the same time, Blizzard Entertainment would like to revise the concept of BlizzCon after more than 16 years and led in this regard: In addition, we would also like to take the time to recreate how a BlizzCon event could look like the future. The first Blizzcon took place 16 years ago and since then has changed so much – especially the manifold possibilities, such as players and communities come together and feel together to be part of something greater.

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And on: Whatever the event may look like in the future, we also need to make sure that it feels so safe, inviting and including as possible. We strive to continuously communicate with our players, and we see the BlizzCon play a big role in the future. We are curious what we will do with the event when we visit them again in the future.

Finally, Blizzard Entertainment promised that, despite the cancellation of BlizzConline 2022, the players may look forward to various updates and announcements in the coming months.

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Source: Blizzard Entertainment

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