M A R S finally took off for everyone

Mars Attacks Demo Game! Live For Everyone!

The day before yesterday, and really yesterday (looking at the time difference) was the premiere of Open Beta M.A.R.S – Mercenary Assault & Recon Squad. From now on it is a free and generally available Gierek. Without keys, without invitations, no later than WIPE. https: //store.steampowed.com/app/314430/mars/ Only that M.A.R.S is not a new title. This is a reactivation of the game, which a few years ago – depending on the region – existed at several names. Hazard OPS – Europe Zombies, Monsters, Robots – North America Mars Online – Asia (M) MOTPS, in which we travel various instances, fighting with demons, mythological creatures and even alien. It is the diversity of style (from Sci-Fi to Fantasy) and Games (PVE, PVP, Co-Op) is one of the strongest websites of Mercenary Assault & Recon Squad. The game publisher was Suba Games (from Luna Online, Ace Online, Lucent Heart, Domo).

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