Final Fantasy XVI and Hogwarts Legacy to PlayStation State of Play

Playstation fans grab their remote control on the evening of 27 October 2021 at 23:00 and track the new state of Play of PlayStation. According to the announcement of the responsible persons of Sony and PlayStation, the 20-minute show will turn mainly around so-called third-party games for PS4 and PS5, so games that are not developed exclusively for the consoles of Sony. Cool! Because that arouses a lot of hopes with the fans! But remember, that nothing is confirmed \ – except that there will be a 20-minute show to third-party games just ^^

Here we have built for you the Twitch Player for the Playstation State of Play in October 2021.

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Final Fantasy XVI

Of course, Final Fantasy 16 would be a Very Hot Contender to be shown in the State of Play, because it is now over a year since we have recently seen moving pictures of the Valisthea adventure of Clive.

But with all the anticipation in the back of the back: Producer Naoki Yoshida said he would like to show FFXVI only again, if it is already playable by the fans – or at least shortly thereafter. We do not believe that Final Fantasy XVI will still have a surprise appearance at the store budget in 2021. That s why we have to be realistic and damp your hopes. Nevertheless, we suspect that another trailer should be quiet.

Incidentally, for Final Fantasy XVI at the State of Play: The PlayStation website for JRPG was updated just how users of RESETERA have recently found out (via Gamerant)

Hogwarts Legacy

Also, the PlayStation website for Harry Potter Fans-renewed Open World Roll Game Hogwarts Legacy has been updated. After the game has been postponed to the year 2022 in January 2021, it has since become conspicuous quietly around the role-playing game. Well-known leakers have theoretically confirmed that there is either the state of Play of PlayStation or to the Game Award s news about Hogwarts Legacy. Cooler would of course be info in October, because to the Game Awards you would then have to wait until December 2021.

Rather unlikely: foresken

In the early October 2021, there was a new trailer with the Tokyo Game Show early October 2021, which has moved the magic of Frey to the center. Of course, that makes it a bit unlikely that foresken is only a few weeks later in the focus of an event… whereby you should never never say.

According to the authors of Gamepro, the PlayStation pages of Gotham Knights, the Lord of the Rings: Gollum, Tchia, Dark Pictures Anthology and Voice of Cards were manipulated. So there could also be news from these pages.

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