Spellforce 3 reforced consoles

As THQ Nordic reports, the console versions of the Strategy / Roleplay Mix Spellforce 3 Referzed (from 39.99 € pre-order) will be late. Originally intended for a release at the beginning of December, the versions for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which are also playable on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series, will now appear on 08 March 2022.

Owners of the PC version of Spellforce 3 as planned on 6 December 2021 for free up to the reforced edition upgrades, the details and changes from the publisher are specified as follows:

Details on the reforced edition
Compared to the original version of Spellforce III, there are various improvements and new features, such as in the singleplayer campaign

Improved RTS mechanics and revised fraction design, as already known from the two extensions

Spellforce 3 Reforced: Xbox & PS 4/5 + Controller Gameplay
Revised skill trees of heroes
Improved quests
Improved co-op mode
Better distribution of prey
Optimized balancing
Hub was completely revised
All campaigns / quest logic problems are fixed

In addition to the campaign features, the refocus edition offers a visual and functionally revised user interface, full gamepad support and new content:

a new skirmish card
The Journey Mode : a new game mode of the free game mode known from Spellforce 1 offers independent content with high playback value for 20 hours – even in the co-op!
Journey Skirmish: Plays with your highly built Journey heroes in the PVP against other players: inside
Arena Mode: A new, endless game mode. Starts with a new hero / a new heroine and defeated waves of enemies, buys equipment and spells and competing with other players: inside in ranked lists – also playable in the coop!
Mod support for the new Journey and Arena Modes: creates your own Journey or Arena cards and shares them with the community (a PC-exclusive feature)

Last updated video: trailer

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