Acein launch commemoration roll champion Jingx in Port Knight

Riot Games announces the launch of the animated series based on League of League Oph League IP, to commemorate the launch of Arcin on his game.


Riot Games will collaborate with Epic Games as part of a large-scale campaign Riotx Arcain Event, which is ongoing to commemorate the launch of Arcane. This plan has a deep collaboration in Riot Games and Epic Games and the first collaboration of the world s two game companies.

In the portnite that Epic Games service is served, the Popular Champion of LOL will emerge, and the main character of LOL, the Jingx, which is the main character of Anime Asane. The player can see a variety of items in the Jingx theme in the item shop. Akin Jinsu Costumes from the Costume of Breads, Grinder Picks, Jingx Marking Spray, Jingx Monkey Bombs such as Jewelry, Playground Lobby Tracks, Denuplate Loading Screen, Lumbarings! Loading screen and so on.

The Jingx, which is one of the most symbolic champions in LOL, the Gimix, one of the most symbolic champions in LOL, commemoration of Akesane launch celebration, said Fat. I want to give you a rich experience in the game players, he said.

Epic Games Store Vice President and Total Officer Steve Allison said, I am glad to cooperate with Riot Games, which is showing a breakthrough entertainment franchise, said the I will meet a variety of rhiot games in the Epic Games Store.

Riot Games introduces its diverse games such as LOL PC version, Legend of Credle, Strategic Team Battle, and Balo.

For more information, see Riotx Acein world can be found in the world.

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