From World of Warcraft will only be worse

the voice of the people spoke. This means the voice of image crisis.PL readers who predicted the future of World of Warcraft — the legend of our genre, which has been measured with a great crisis for several months (a crisis of faith and an image crisis).

Here are the results of the survey:

As many as 44% of respondents believe that Blizzard Entertainment can not save games, and Regress World of Warcraft will be more and more. And what follows, another person will disappear from Zeroth, which will translate into the company s finances.

Considering the last blizzard moves (removing images of women, getting rid of jokes, censoring REDSKINS, etc.), this future WOW actually does not look too colorful. Instead of dealing with serious problems spoiled games, the developers deal — for apologizing — stupid things.

21% of respondents would like to create World of Warcraft 2, which could somehow restore the glow of this brand. Imagine? Continuation of WOW-A Unreal Engine 4 retaining the best elements of the original? Dream.

For 18% of people a rescue for WOW-A is a transformation for free-to-play, and for 12% thorough reconstruction of the game, including repairing non-extreme systems.

Only 5% of users think that it is enough to deal with Gold-Sellers, Rally Sellers and Voters so that World of Warcraft will be great again.

And seriously, this problem with Wow-EM is complex and Blizzard really has something to think about their game, which was once the king of image crisis returned to the throne.

Thank you for all the voices and welcome to a new questionnaire.

How do you rate Lost Ark Online on a scale from 1 to 10 (1 Lowest Rating, 10 Highest)?











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