Lost Ark What are the best classes and subclasses This is the Tier List of Popularity in Korea

Although its closed beta-shaped launch has just taken place in the West, Lost ARK is a phenomenon of the world of MMORPG for a long time. The game has already been available in other parts of the world, which highlights the country from which its creators come: South Korea. A very particular situation that remembers launches that took place at other times and gives us very valuable information when it comes to starting to play.

One of the most interesting readings we can do with all the information that comes from the Asian country is related to classes. Although it is still something soon to carry out a Tier List about the power of each of the classes and subclasses of the title in its PVP and EVE facets, we have Infinity of data on the current situation in the Asian country where, In addition, there is a greater number of available choices.

The most popular classes and subclasses of Lost Ark in Korea

The first detail that powerfully calls attention on the population of the eight Korean servers is the amount, which offers us a very high sample with its more than 6.5 million registered characters for more than a million players. However, that is not the only striking, since it also gives us an idea of ​​what the most powerful classes are for EVE who choose most players.

Among the five available classes, the registered characters are distributed as follows…:

Although the situation is more or less partner in most classes, there are two situations that are powerfully calling attention. On the one hand the gigantic popularity of the manicures despite not having to many archetypes and on the other the fact that most of the server s population has decided to ignore the murderers, with whom they have not even wanted to carry out a secondary account.

To understand the distribution, however, we have to go more to detail and deepen in the available subclasses. In many cases, there are these categories that most import players, which opt for a concrete character archetype because of their greatest power or the interesting of their playability. Thus, for example, we can see how is the BARDA or Sorceress (Sorceress, not yet available in the West) those responsible for explaining the popularity of the magnets in Lost Ark.

The popularity of each of the classes and subclasses does not necessarily speak of the power of the different characters available. Cazademonios is a good example of the situation. Has been receiving improvements and its departure value is much higher than what the statistics indicate, but it seems that the players do not want to bet on him for a past in which he was very unhelpful and did not stand out or in the EVE or in the PVP of Lost Ark.

Some subclasses still have no official translation or are not available in the beta.

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