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Damian Wayne, is an imaginary personality created by DC Comic books within the globe of concealed Justice named Batman. Damian is Biological Kid of Tania Al Gaul (child of Villeins Ra s Al Gaul) and Bruce Wayne (Batman). He was produced by Give Morrison and also stood for the first time at Batman No. 655 (September 2006).
The suggestion that Batman and Tania had a kid had actually previously shown up in the graphic story by Mike W. Barr Batman: Kid of the Satanic Force (1987). Given that Morrison had not read that tale prior to writing his, the tales have excellent distinctions. As a matter of fact, the writer had actually initially based on the marital relationship happened at the DC Unique Series 15 (1978) qualified I Now Articulate You Batman and Spouse! (I proclaim Batman and spouse!), Written by Dennis O Neil.
Damian is defined by the main sensations of him, created by his rigorous training in fighting styles. In the opening nights of it is revealed as a conceited, pleased and envious person of the position of Tim Drake (Robin III), which he almost murders in a fight inside the Batches.

All animated DC movies have a thing in common: If a figure suddenly has a beard, something is wrong. Who could ever forget the hairy — and absolutely powerless — Clark Kent from Justice League Dark: Apocalypse?

Bruce Wayne is also known to keep his face spotless. When an older Bruce Wayne in Batman: The Dark Knight Returns again slipped into the coat of the crime fighter, he regularly shaved the longer beard.

Evolution of Bruce Wayne in Batman Games (2000-2021)
Senior BA ® Than sends his son on criminal hunting

The concept of a Batman came to the years probably also followed the developers at WB Games Montreal. Concept Art For a never-published Batman game has already reached the public a few years ago. The artworks wore the name Project Sabbath and in the game itself you should probably take the role of Damian Wayne as the next Batman.

The artist Moran Music has now published some works of art on his art station page. In these we see Bruce Wayne with a magnificent beard and a very striking Catsuit. Above all, the equipment around its leg could indicate injury, which is why Damian now has to take over as Batman. It would not be the first time that Batman had a severe injury went away and part of the BAT family — mostly Dick Grayson — had to sloped into the role of masked avenger.

Furthermore, we get an insight into the costume of Damian Wayne. This draws clear inspirations from the Batman Beyond series. Instead of the chunky BAT mobile, Damian would have used a fairly chic motorcycle.

The game should be a kind of continuation of Arkham Knight. However, it was probably already set again in a very early phase. WB Games Montreal is currently working on another Batman game called Gotham Knights, which will appear sometime in 2022. In the game Batman probably died — or at least disappeared from the scene — and the various characters from the BAT family have to fill this gap now.

The only open question is probably: who would win in a fight, an older Bruce Wayne, or an older Solid Snake?

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