Metal Gear Solid 2 anniversary celebrated by Hideo Kojima

Metal Gear (Japanese: メタルギア, Hepburn: Metal GIA) is a collection of stealth games produced by Video Kolyma. Established and released by INAMI, the very first game, Metal Gear, was launched in 1987 for MIX computer. The gamer commonly takes control of a special forces personnel (normally Solid Snake or Big Manager), that is assigned the task of discovering the titular super weapon Metal Gear, a bipedal strolling storage tank with the capability to release nuclear weapons.
A number of follows up have actually been launched for several consoles, which have expanded the original game s plot, adding personalities opposing and sustaining Snake, while there have actually additionally been a couple of innovators exploring the origins of Metal Gear and recurring personalities. The third game in the series, Metal Gear Solid for the PlayStation, noted the beginning of a whole new line of 3D for Metal Gear. As of September 2021, over 57.7 million copies of video games in the franchise have been marketed worldwide, with individual installations critically and also commercially well-known and getting a number of honors.
The series is attributed for introducing as well as promoting stealth computer game and motion picture computer game. Significant traits of the series include stealth technicians, cinematic cutscenes, intricate stories, unusual and also 4th wall humor, and exploration of cyberpunk, dystopian, political as well as philosophical themes, with references to Hollywood films to add taste. The franchise has also been adjusted right into various other media, such as comics, stories, and dramatization CDs. Solid Serpent has likewise taken place to appear in various other video games, such as the Super Smash Bros. series, Ape Getaway 3, and LittleBigPlanet 2.

Today is the 20th anniversary of Metal Gear Solid 2: children of freedom. The beloved sequel originally launched on PlayStation 2 on this date in 2001, and from that moment, it has become one of the most emblematic and emblematic titles of its generation. To celebrate the occasion Metal Gear Solid 2 Director Video Kolyma turned today to social networks to remember the work of him in the project and share some new nuggets of information with fans.

In a new series of tweets, Kolyma initially simply reflected on the fact that two decades have passed since the launch of Metal Gear Solid 2. «My God, have you spent 20 years since then?» Kolyma said as he shared an image of the art of the game. In a subsequent pity, he continued saying that the work that was done in this game was quite important at that time. « MGS2 was a special title that expanded in many things: New York land coverage and tanker boats, large-scale military training that include cleaning in the classroom, 60-frame challenge per second, large-scale MO-CAP with Accessories and cables, asking Kyle Cooper to make the titles open and asking Harry to do the music, Kolyma said. He also mentioned that part of the musical work that was done for the game occurred in the study by the Hans Zimmer composer.

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Kolyma also explained in another nice that some themes of Metal Gear Solid 2, specifically those who deal with the aging of the main protagonist Maiden were found with a violent reaction. As such, some of the most important ideas that Kolyma had in mind had to end up being discarded. Later, however, he reviewed these ideas within Metal Gear Solid V, where Kolyma says he addressed the directly theme.

In a general sense, Metal Gear Solid 2 has absolutely one of the most influential games of the last 20 years. Not only is it a title that fans still love up to this day, but it is a game that many developers have pointed out as it really changes the way in which the medium of video games as a whole approaches the narrative. In many ways, Metal Gear Solid 2 was ahead of time and will surely continue to be remembered with love in the years to come.

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