Age of Empires 4 First patch published

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Relic Entertainment has held word and published the first big patch for the strategy game Age of Empires 4 (from 53.99 € at Buy). As already announced before, the update to version 7989 et al. Some optimizations in the Mongolian city center. However, these changes are not necessarily final: the developers have already announced to observe the impact and to adjust again if necessary.

Furthermore, after the installation of the update, you should notice a significant performance boost in camera rides and some In game intermediate sequences. There are also some bug fixes, other optimizations and adjustments. Please note that replays from earlier versions of Age of Empires 4 are not compatible with the new version.

Here is the patch notes in the overview:

Changes Made to Rally Reduce Performance Drops When Panning The Camera Across The Map.
Some Users Reported Health Bars Disappearing During Gameplay Regardless of their Setting Selections. This Has Been Fixed With Patch 7989, and In-Game Health Bars Should Appear When You Tell Them To (in The Settings!). The Mongol Town Center Capital Can No Longer Be Placed Directly Next To Their Opponent s Town Center. From Now On, The Mongol Town Center Capital Must be placed in An Explored Area, and Not Within 20 Tiles of An Enemy s Town Center. Our Balance Team Will Continue to Observe Your Feedback on This and Other Elements of Gameplay.
Small Adjustments Made to In-Game Localization.

Known Issues

Replays from 7274 Are Not Compatible with 7989.
The Requirements Text for The Mongol Town Center Capital Does Not Call Out The NECESSITY FOR IT TO BE PLACED IN AN EXPLORED AREA. We won t Be Fixing this in A Future Update.
Known Issue € infinite Relic Duplication for Ru s Civilization € has Been Identified for A Fix in A Future Update.
Known Issue € Mongol CIV — Packed Buildings Continuously Repaired € has Been Identified for A Fix in A Future Update.

The first Age of Empires 4 patch...
Known Issue € Mongol CIV — Superior Mobility Providing Too Much Increased Movement Speed € has Been Identified for A Fix in A Future Update.

Age of Empires 4 is showing on the 28th of October 2021 on PC. In the test on Mongol, the Relic-published strategy game of Relic could leave a good impression.

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