Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio is working on a new franchise without relation to Yakuza

Lost Judgment is a delivery of action as well as experience developed by BYU Ga Gook Studio and also published by Sega, premiered on September 21, 2021, around the world. It is the sequel to the video game of 2018 Judgment (a derivative of the Yakuza series), which informs the history of the private investigator Kabuki Salami while this investigates a criminal accused of unwanted sexual advances as well as murder. To As in Judgment, Salami s voice will be translated by Tanya Timur and Greg Chen for his variation in Japanese and also in English, specifically. Components of the game, such as series of action and stealth, will certainly be boosted with regard to its precursor.

Masayoshi Yokohama, Director of BYU Ga Gook Studio, has revealed during an interview with Fujitsu who are working on a new franchise. However, it seems clear that in this case it is not a SPIN-OFF as it is the case of Judgment for Yakuza, but it will be a completely new IP. The words of Yokohama, as they have translated into English from Gets, mentioned that we are also working on unanswered titles outside [Yakuza and Judgment], although no more details on the title have been given.

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In the statements we have also been able to see other relevant information about the future of the Yakuza Saga, since we already knew the existence of a sequel to Like to Dragon, who will now have to develop without Toshihiro Satoshi or Daisuke NATO after his study of the study. last month. Now we know that Yakuza 8 (Provisional Name) will take place several years after the story of Yakuza: Like a dragon, and will feature Michigan Cayuga (protagonist of the last delivery) as the main character.

What The HELL Is Going On With Judgment?

While the continuation of the Saga Judgment is in doubt due to discrepancies with the image rights of Tanya Timur, the director of BYU Ga Gook has also had to answer some questions about the series. Although he has not been able to give a direct answer about his continuity, Yokohama has recognized that the Judgment series is also very important for the study, and it seems clear that the intention of him will be resumed as long as the circumstances permit.

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