Mario Kart Live Home Circuit New update with Luigi is live

Mario Kart live: Home Circuit offers new content in the form of the Luigi Cup thanks to the recent update.

Nintendo and Vegan Studios released a free update for the Arm game Mario Kart live: Home Circuit. Among other things, you have access to two new multiplayer modes. On the one hand, you can control a kart together with relay races with up to four players. The change of the driver happens at the touch of a button. But not all drivers can be used. In this mode, only Princess Peach, Toad, Joshi and Mario or Luigi (depending on the kart) are available, as they approach Bowler Jr. and the Koopalinge. In addition, the developers have added a split screen mode. This makes it possible to connect two karts with a switch and taste together over the living room floor.

In addition, the update for Mario Kart live: Home Circuit offers three fresh environments summarized in the new Luigi Cup. While on the windmill pasture, a cow can run over the way, it is musically at the instrumental course. The cup is rounded off with King BUU Huts front yard, where you meet on ghostly figures. If you do it at this Cup at least the third place, you get as a reward the Schrader Fl-U-Kart and a scary horn. There are also three new goals as well as two environments for creating their own cups.

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit UPDATE 2.0 | Luigi Cup & Poltergust G-00
In addition, the developers of Mario Kart live: Home Circuit smaller bugs and mistakes eliminated to improve the gaming experience.

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