ScaleBound Backside of Development of Development The Wonderful 101 Consurgger Kamiya Ebisu Interview Cutscenes

The Platinum variety is a commercial tag utilized by Sony in the friend region to promote as well as stimulate sales of the very best marketing video games on the PlayStation gaming consoles, to PlayStation 3.

Archive, which works with a number of creator artists, a number of creator artists, ARCHIVE, which operates jointly, he has released the sixth of the interview video of Platinum Games in the CUTSCENES. This time, The Wonderful 101 (Released for Wii U at that time) (Released for Wii U at that time) in 2020 ( THE WONDERFUL 101: Remastered ) (Released for Wii U) (Publishing Nintendo) and Collaborative Titles with Microsoft So, while attracting high attention in the whole world, it has become a content that looks back on scale bound that has been discontinued.

  1. Long interview with Kamiyukis career.

  2. Why Biohazard 4 became Devil May Cry -Addition on the back of the stage that Kamila Pirogi says and after the stage [Cutscenes]

  3. What is the mission that Mr. Shinji Miami imposed on Beautiful his Joe ending, and Mr. Pirogi Miami? cutscenes

  4. The sequel to Jo is sometimes I want to do-Kamiya Idea talks about the masterpiece birth secret story and what we left [Cutscenes]

  5. Reasons why Bay Etta became a series that has been loved-Kamiya Pirogi talks about the difficulty of development and development system to extend the view of the world [CUTSCENES]

Kamila chronicle has published a total of five videos as a special interview plan that summarizes Mr. Kamilas career. There is also a part that has duplicated with the content that has been told by its own Twitter and each media, but it is a part that is duplicated in time series, Sol Cruncher is reached, Mr. Kamila interviews It is the main point of this plan that it will be revealed through.

In this video, the development history of The Wonderful 101, and unfortunately, the feeling of Scale bound that has been discontinued. How to plan for The Wonderful 101 developed with unparalleled thinking is how to do it, scale bound difficulty, user and Microsoft thinks Please see the video because it is said from the mouth of Mr. Kamila.

Next time, I will expose an interview that leads to Orchestra as the final round. Please enjoy it.

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