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Kolyma Productions Co., Ltd. is a Japanese computer game development studio established in 2005 by video game developer Video Kolyma, maker of the Metal Gear collection. It was developed as a subsidiary of INAMI. The workshop had around 100 staff members, yet expanded to over 200 for Metal Gear Solid 4: Weapons of the Patriots. After leaving INAMI and ending the agreement, Kolyma reformed the firm as an independent workshop in Hiragana.

Some designers have shaped the entire video game industry. Whether because of their innovation in gameplay, artistic style or even philosophy, authors can be considered pioneers in the field. One of them is the incredible Video Kolyma, then join me to watch the genius behind the man.

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Set a kind

While previous games Metal Gear and Metal Gear Solid stealth mechanisms used, these are the songs that propelled the genre into the mainstream. Coining the term Action Tactical Espionage, the AMS has focused on avoiding confrontation helping the game to differentiate bloodthirsty versions of the time. Encompassing a range of innovations, AMS was the first full stealth experience. The establishment of vision cones on the Solution radar was a great way to inject life into the variety of enemies that roam the environment. Although rudimentary by the standards of today, the artificial intelligence of the enemies was extremely impressive. The fact that the characters react to sounds, recognize the footprints and alert other was revolutionary and changed the course of video games.

The power of cinema

Kolymas love for cinema is evident at every exit. Although his long cutscenes have proven split, its focus on the fusion of elements of the big screen with the interactive industry has been successful and influential. Placing the story in the foreground, Kolyma explores interesting concepts that contain clear messages on politics and society. While the Metal Gear Solid series has explicitly addressed the power and control of the government, Death Stranding focused on the psychological weaknesses related to isolation. The way he discusses these concepts is breathtaking. Not only packs his stories with interesting characters that have original stories, but they are also perfectly plots, information drop by drop to reach a dramatic conclusion. Although some may be frustrated by its complex kinematics and shamelessly, for my part, I applaud its commitment to create an uncompromising work of art.

Do not be so serious

Countering the weight issues that exist in his work are comedy bits. Johnny Safari, a favorite of fans of the Metal Gear Solid series, has become synonymous with the humor of the franchise. With extreme intestinal problems, useless soldier is often seen or heard on the restroom. It is difficult to travel that fine line because this could harm the overall message of the game. However, the outstanding performance of Kolyma means that the lighter moments increase the seriousness of the subject.

Eh? Just a box!

True genius is outside the box, and thats literally what Kolyma did with a first moment of Metal Gear Solid. The infamous puzzle box CD broke the fourth wall, requiring you to physically interact with the housing to progress in the game. This time set the precedent for his career, clearly communicating to expect the unexpected. There are countless times when the great Kolyma left me speechless, for example the ingenious confrontation with Psycho Mantis. Not only has the villain read your mind, commenting on the data saved INAMI games, but you were also physically disconnect your controller and place it in the second port to defeat the maniac! The fight boss End, Sam and Cliff, climbing the long ladder, PT demo, time and again, he broke barriers, creating moments that will be forever etched in the history of the medium.

Toll Trolls

Kolyma likes to play with his audience. Whether dressed Oakum More bandaged, he is trying to deceive the players about Phantom Pain or that place in the game, he likes to surprise his fans and this was most evident with Metal Gear Solid 2. With the highly anticipated sequel on the horizon, fans and critics thought they would take Snake in another stealth adventure. Further, consolidating the concept demo was published that showed of new game mechanics with the character. In a brave and bold move, fans around the world were shocked to discover that the game had a new protagonist Snake and was reduced to a supporting role. Regardless of views about it, the courage to take such a risk is commendable, and it is something I wish more developers do.

Whether you like it or you hate it, the impact of Video Kolyma on the industry is indisputable. His approach to development is unique, and for this reason, its products are littered with wonderfully strange Kojima-Isms. After 35 years in the company, Video is still strong. With a new breath after INAMIs departure, he continues to repel the boundaries and experiment with new ideas. Now, with total freedom, it is exciting but difficult to imagine what will be his next company. In an industry that rests on the imitation of features, I am grateful for the innovation and genius of Kolyma.

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