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Pokémon Brilliant Diamond Defog Location and How to Use Defog - Pokémon Shining Pearl

HMS (Hidden Machines) are a staple food in all Mainline Pokémon games. There are movements that are taught Pokémon with an external purpose, such as moving boulders with strength, traveling over the water with surf and more. Most of them are often needed to actually beat the game or get into new areas for later content. However, the Defog HM serves more like a useful purpose that helps you eliminate the disturbing fog in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Here you will find it.

How to get HM Defog in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

So this HM is not as easy as everyone else. You get the HM only when you come to it Astoria City. Conveniently, the Move Reminder is also located in this city. At this time in the game you have three badges and have gone through the routes 213 and 214 together with Valor Lakefront.

Visit the Pastor Great Marsh and participate in a Safari game. Playing costs 500 Pokémon dollars. You can literally just go in, say it with the ACE coach (the NPC with the green hairs and the red outfit), HOL Defog and leave the big swamp. You are right at the entrance, which makes it a stupid decision, essentially to pay for the need to advance in the game.

As soon as you have received the HM Defog, You can not use it until you have defeated the fourth arena conductor, Crashed Wake,. Coincidentally, Cynthia appears when you defeat it after another collision with Team Galactic on the whole line and gives you the secret pot, a key object that will help you to resolve the produce blockade on the Route 210.

Shortly after the tall grass, the route is wrapped in truly dense fog so that you have to use almost defog to actually get through. You do not have to use or even acquire, but it saves you the effort.

Pokémon Brilliant diamond and shiny pearl are now available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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