Japan takes action against PS5 speculators mark the boxes to avoid resale

The lack of resources has derived in all kinds of dilemmas in the world of technology. In the case of video games, it is quite difficult becoming the latest generation consoles, and the situation has been further aggravated with the presence of speculators in the market. For this reason, and after Sony dropped its PS5 production forecasts, Japan has begun to take curious measures to prevent customers from reselling a console instantly.

PS5 Games Are Selling Poorly (At Retail) In Japan

As explained in the NGC environment, some stores in the country have begun to mark the boxes of PS5 with the name of the buyer and the date of acquisition, so in an attempt of resale it will be understood That this console is second hand. In addition, it is also reported that establishments will be able to get rid of the control boxes (but not from peripheral itself) that is included within the PS5 package, which would leave the loose control in the PACK.

After all, NGC recalls an event in Japan that has derived the hardening of anti-speculation measures, since a store had to call the police before the altercations produced by customers who wanted to buy PS5 en masse. Therefore, and by observing a market in which more and more speculators appear from the Sony console, the Japanese country has taken the measures described above for Sleep their progress.

It will be to see if these ideas can reduce the number of speculators in Japan, because it does not seem that the problem of the shortage of supplies will be resolved in the near future. Until then, PlayStation has stated that it is 100% centered on sending more PS5 to the stores, and it seems that it works in removable housings that could mean the return of the Customization of Consoles. At the moment, it will be necessary to continue struggling to get a PS5, and even more if we aim for the standard model, since the physical games are in full boom.

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