The Invincible the Sci Fi RPG of the ex developers of The Witcher presents new trailer

Have Science Fiction & Fantasy (usually abbreviated Have SF & F) was a publication collection showing up at Have Overlap in Munich, which showed up from 1964 science fiction as well as from the beginning of the 1970s fantasy in contemporary paperback format. It is both from the scope and also top quality — many classics of science fiction and also dream looked like component of the collection — crucial German-speaking science fiction book collection.

The Invincible is one of those titles that have targeted if we like futuristic RPGs. The title was presented last year from the hand of veterans of the video game industry, of studios as CD Project Red, which form now Starward Industries.

This week has been published a new trailer where we can see the game in action, with scenes that show the gameplay and some aspects of their science fiction world. It is worth mentioning the importance of the RPG component of which we are talking about, since among its responsible ones there are old game developers such as The Witcher or Cyberpunk 2077.

Ex-Witcher 3/Cyberpunk Devs Reveal New Sci-Fi FPS Game, And It Looks Impressive
It is a science fiction adventure based on the work of Stanislav LEM If we have to define it, we could say that the Invincible is a science fiction adventure in the first person based on the work of cult of the same name written by Stanislav LEM. It proposes us to fight for survival on the planet Aegis III, where we must find the lost members of the crew only with the help of your spatial equipment, your ingenuity and ability to adapt to the dangers that surround you.

The Invincible will reach PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X in 2022, after being delayed (was scheduled for 2021. We will assume the role of a scientist aboard an interstellar expedition. In the study they have opted for Unreal Engine 5 To shape your graphics, which have a retrofuturist aesthetic or Account, and will seek to immerse ourselves in a non-linear story that is defined by the decisions we take during the game and how we relate to other characters.

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