Wronged US New horror game sprayed silent hill

The horror title Wronged US has nothing to do with the horror abandoned and the associated conspiracy theories velvet Video Kolyma and Silent Hill nothing. Nevertheless, the latter reminds, especially in the atmosphere. No wonder, because Wronged US was inspired by the developer, among others by Silent Hill.

Silent Hill has not been the only inspiration

However, Silent Hill, from the Delusional Studio, is particularly the story that wants to settle the setting and the atmosphere in Wronged US, not the only inspiration. Gameplay and some mechanics should be based on the Resident Evil series and in the open world and quest design you want to look at dark souls a few ideas.

Wronged Us Official Gameplay Trailer - Golden Joystick 2021
What is about Wronged US exactly, you will also learn in the video description of the gameplay teaser. There it says: Wrong us is a cinematic, story-focused game in a small village. Players will explore the abandoned and detailed village, must face psychological horror, puzzle laden and combat monsters. Players can free the different parts of the village Explore and interact with different NPCs.

The different ingredients sound like a solid horror game, but along with the inspirations mentioned as well as the atmosphere of the trailer, Wrong could show out out of the crowd. Especially the bizarre scenes, as they are seen at the beginning and end of the video, are quite creative.

Wronged US is still in the early development. The currently only one developer is looking for team members to drive the project. The publication of WRONGED US is scheduled for 2023 if the title should appear for PC and consoles. Further information is available on the official website.

Source: Wrongful US on YouTube

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