New World Share Missions with our friends an addition urgent and necessary

Friends of all life still can not continue sharing adventures together, since New World still does not allow sharing missions with our friends. On the other hand, it is possible to record certain points of the search, particularly the mobs or enemies to perform different activities when we are in a group.

New World - Grouping Up With Friends Can Be Confusing, Here's How to Do It

However, the concern does not lie in the progress of the mission, but in a much more practical aspect: follow the same mission together, although it is not available in the Missions Registry of our friend. We think particularly about the faction missions, because you have to say it, have the same missions that our combat companions turns out to be a true Russian roulette today. Such as Historic and now Punchdrunklush testified about a month ago, it is a great hassle not to have this function in an MMO.

Share Missions is a bit like cooperative games and especially for games like New World, which promotes community spirit. Even if the mission has already been done or not, this tool would not be a barrier to level up and allow players to have fun together or not play as solitary soldiers most of the time. SHARE MISSIONS is a blessing for the game in group and proves to be a convenient way to follow missions without being interrupted by a player who, unfortunately, does not have the same as us.

It is unpleasant to wait for someone to complete a line of missions and then join them. If the game was intended to play mainly alone, the concern would not even arise, but in the event that New World is a pure community mm, it is a carelessness to be reviewed. By adding shared missions in faction missions, some main missions and secondary missions would be appreciated. Therefore, it would be good to see that this feature appeared in the December update, since the group game lacks this aspect. However, developers have not yet addressed this issue, so it is possible that this characteristic does not see the light for a while.

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