We give you a FIFA 22 copy for PlayStation

It is no longer missing for Christmas, which also means a time to live with the family, open gifts, and of course, enjoy the holidays with our favorite video games. Here in Atomic we were already uploaded the Cambrian spirit, so we will be giving you a digital copy of FIFA 22, which you can redeem for your console PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5. How can you win it? Here we explain everything.

To participate, You must answer a series of five questions that we will leave you down here, and do not worry, that you will not need to be an expert at FIFA to answer them. In fact, in each question we will attach a track where you can find the answer, but that yes, there will be somewhere you should read more than others. Once you have answered all correctly, send your answers to mail [email protected] We will choose the winner from all those who send the correct answers.

Without more preamble, here are the questions:

1. What qualification did you put FIFA 22 in our review? Track here.

2. Name one of the GTA that we mentioned in our Buzz of The 5 best GTA. Track here.

3. Mention one of the requirements to participate in the Christmas anecdotes 2021. Track here.

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4. Name one of the main characters we mentioned in our Call of Duty: Vanguard. Track here.

5. Mention one of the reasons why you should buy a switch OLED according to our Buzz 5 Reasons to Skip to Switch OLED, and 5 reasons not to do it. Track.

So there you have it, you know what to do if you want to earn your digital copy of FIFA 22 for PlayStation. Remember that it is not enough just to answer, but should be correct answers. Good luck!

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