Ludwig becomes the biggest smash with YouTube deal

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In many eyes, Ludwig, Ludwig ‘Agree 2021 was the figurehead for Twitch. His rise to the audience charts and live game shows were only talked about his famous station, in which the 26-year-old was crushed for the many years of record for most twitch subscribers as part of a single-month streaming marathon.

Now, however, Ludwig leaves, like several of the largest Streamer from Twitch before him, the platform, after signing an exclusive contract with YouTube Gaming, and closes Tim, Timthatman ‘Bear and Rachel, Valkyrie’ hopes in his line-up of streaming Talents on. While Ludwig Am. says punch age show podcast that it was a difficult decision to consistently stream the money from this exclusive deal as well as the lower pressure, in the context of its new contract, means that it can spend more time and resources for larger projects and productions — and That’s good news if you have a fan of Super Smash Bros.

Ludwig, a huge smash fanatic, who, during his ascent as a streamer, cascaded his own Smash tournaments, reveals that one of his main projects is to organize the largest smash tournament of all time sometime in the next year.

It will be the largest in terms of participants and prize pool for Melee and Ultimate, promises Ludwig. He admits that the project probably will cost a million dollars.

Ludwig also reveals that initiatives such as his record-sensitive Station were the only way to realize the money for the implementation of these great projects on Twitch. Thanks to his deal with YouTube, it gets much easier, he says.

I really thought about giving up a month of my life, just so that I had the means to throw away a million dollars, and it should not be [A Stupid Decision], he says. I can throw away quite generous money — as I can throw $16,000 for a Jackie Chan statue — but at this time I have about ten employees, so I can not throw away a million dollars.

I thought, This is psychopathic that I really think about making a sunbath, just so I can develop a cool idea ‘. Since I’m at YouTube, I can do that now. This is totally cool, because I do not have to stress with it to be live and trying to make the money — you just allow me to make such projects.

The biggest announcement of my streaming career (not clickbait)
With the highest prize pools in the competitive smash, which fluctuate around the $150,000 mark — of which a large part of the community is financed by crowdfunding — await that Ludwig’s passion for the escort and the financial and creative freedom, which he is now at YouTube has significantly in the shadows.

While his contract with YouTube marks exciting times for his own community, he also gives fans of the competitive Super Smash Bros. The opportunity to look forward to.

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