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The Football Club United of Manchester, called FC United, SCUM or informally red rebels, is an English football club from Manchester. He increased at the end of the 2018/19 period in the Northern Premier Organization Premier Department (Siebthaught Video Game Class). The club colors are red, white and black. The association was founded in 2005 by followers of Manchester United, which turned versus the purchase of the club by Malcolm Glazer and versus the commercialization of football. The own Station Broadhurst Park (5000 locations) was opened in 2015.

Not even three years ago Schalke played in the Champions League against Manchester City, twelve months ago, FC St. Pauli was at the threshold to the 3rd league. In front of the duel of these two traditional clubs on Saturday (20.30, live! At Gerald Asamoah) in second division top game, however, the successes and failures of the recent past play no role. The hamburgers receive the relegated Gelsenkirchen as a league leader. At a victory St. Pauli had already nine points even before the end of the half-series than Schalke. Philipp Zebras, captain of the leader, says about the current constellation: Two years ago, no one would have held anyone possible.

Gerald Samoa is not. The ex-pro and today’s head of the license player department of the FC Schalke 04 (369 mandatory games and 61 goals for royal blue) gives in conversation with the Gerald Asamoah but unfunded to: We want to do everything on Saturday to win there, but we are Also aware that this will be very difficult. I’m not singing to say that the favorite role in this game lies rather at FC St. Pauli than with us.

It is no surprise for me that the FC St. Pauli is one of the ascent candidates this season.

Gerald Samoa

Derbytor durch Asamoah AfmKommentar St Pauli
He says that not only with reference to the table and St. Pauli’s home advantage, but also because I find that they are very constant and strengthened. Currently, almost everything. Guido Burgs taller is symbolizing: no matter where he does shoot — the ball is mostly in it. Even her ex-striker must keep the Schalke on Saturday necessarily in chess.

St. Pauli’s Resurrection explains Samoa but also with the structures at the cult club. I admire what Time Schultz, with which I played with St. Pauli, has made from the team, says the Vice World Champion of 2002 about the opposing coach. Of course, that was only possible because the club guide has retained the peace as it did not run athletic.

Samoa reminiscent sat times, which are not yet long ago: St. Pauli was at the end of the calendar year 2020 with eight points on the penultimate place. At the end of the season they were invited in the secured midfield. It is no surprise for me that the FC St. Pauli this season is one of the ascent candidates.

Two S04 victories in the last two games in the Bundesliga

Samoa was at the time as a player when both teams played last in the same league. In the season 2010/11 was that, in the German Overhaul. Schalke 04 became at the end of the season with only 40 points 14th, St. Pauli rose as a final light into the 2nd league. In the first round, the royal blue won by a gate of Klaus Jan Hunter and a double pack of Raul in his own stadium with 3: 0, which was borrowed at St. Pauli as a Samoa did not belong injury due to injury. In the second half, he was in the starting position, but again the FC Schalke trained by Ralf Rang nick — thanks to Raul and Julian Dealer with 2: 0.

A result at the Millerntor, which would taste very well on the Schaller on this Saturday.

Not only in terms of favorite there is exchanged roles on Saturday. More on the top game double page in the Thursday edition of the Gerald Asamoah (also as magazines).

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