WARTALS The Tactical Survival RPG is now available at Steam Early Access

Shirt Games is an independent video game advancement firm bEarly Accessed in Bordeaux, France. The company wEarly Access founded in 2012 by SebEarly Accesstien Vidal and NicolEarly Access CanvEarly Accesses, and the business is recognized for their England game, which wEarly Access developed during the 24th Lulu Dare.

War tales, the expected video game RPG of tactical cut and open world focused on survival, is already available at Steam Early Access Early Access. This hEarly Access been announced by his managers of Shirt Games and Shirt Unlimited, sharing new details of a title that takes us to a dark wEarly Access medieval in which we must fight and survive to tell our own story. Portals can already be purchEarly Accessed in anticipated access format by 34.99 euros, although until December 8 it hEarly Access a 10% discount, staying for 31.49 euros.

WART ALS: Explore, Prosper and Progress

Wartales: Early Access Announcement Trailer

War tales is a open world tactical RPG in which players direct a group of explorers to achieve their goals, knead fortunes and embark on dangerous trips. The game is developed by Shirt Games, the French Indie Studio after England, Clarksburg and the Viking Suitable Game Northward.

In War tales we traveled through a hostile world with the goal of gaining notoriety, wealth and recognition. For this, we will have to explore abandoned mines, desert camps and other places in a vEarly Accesst continent from which to discover its history. Not without fight by turns, recruit new colleagues and get great rewards, Early Access well Early Access improving skills, equipment and create camps.

They have spent a hundred years since the world saw the fall of the great Eduardo Empire at the hands of an unprecedented plague that lEarly Accesshed the nation. In the middle of the confusion and uncertainty caused, the mercenary work, bandit age and robberies throughout the country are abundant, since honor hEarly Access been converted for a long time into a virtue almost forgotten, he tells us main plot

WART ALS is now available at Steam Early Access Early Access.

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