Solar Ash How to collect all Luminous Peak Caches Noah Nelson

The Luminous peak caches Sun ashes are the last caches that you need in the game. There is a special surprise suit for those who have it all collected, but the suit that you get for collecting The Luminous peak caches will help you. Here’s easily the instructions for finding and collecting all The Luminous peak caches in solar Ash.

If you do not yet know it, solar Ash is the latest game from heart machine whose previous game Hyper Light Drifter was. It is a 3D action-adventure platformer featuring exotic locations in a black hole. If you need additional help finding all the caches in the game or just need help with a boss, be sure to read our solar Ash instructions.

input Cache

The most obvious cache, which can be found in The Luminous Peak, is the entrance cache. It is found when you go deeper in The Luminous Peak. The Void runner Seal instructs you to follow a path to the left. Once you have done this, you will easily lead to the first cache, which is on top of the building.

lava tube cache

Continue along the linear path of The Luminous peaks. Once you are on the section of the crystal castle, you will see a cache through a lava tube, but have no way to get there. Climb on the section. Kill all enemies and travels to the rear part of the plateau. If you look down, you will see a piece of ground on which you can land. Jumps there, and you are at the other end of the cave, where the cache is located.

cache of floating islands

The floating island behind the island with lava tube cache will be accessible with a red mushroom rail. Hit the red mushroom and circle quickly the island to the red receiver. Travel to the floating island and work your way through them by you climb on the black mud. To throw use the blue bar up high in the air. Take in the air back to the top of the building. Your cache will be there.

Saarbrücken cache

The next cache is located on a broken tower, which looks like a lava bridge. Once you see a broken section to your left, climb it, a red mushroom to find. Beat it and travel to the red receiver. This is your red track is created to the cache to hide high on the lava bridge.

Keep just the skate cache

If you continue the linear path through The Luminous Peak, you reach a checkpoint with a gripping point on your right and a plasma track on your left. Take the left path, and you will find the cache. The problem is that it is located on a field with spiky traps. REI says simply skate on until you interrupt the source in the end. Then you can safely return to your cache.

sniper cache

Once you find the track that leads to the floating Lavage above the Luminous peak, make their way through the area. At some point, a seemingly free cache is in front of you. The trick is, if you try to grab it, you are struck by an enemy sniper. You must walk around the platform and eliminate all enemies guarding the cache. The use of the hand of the unknown suit will definitely help in this section.

You now have successfully collected all caches The Luminous peak in solar Ash. Who has not found using these guides all caches will love the suit you get? It is Tufts’s suit, the Shepherd’s Calling is called. What it does Void runner caches is emphasized when scanning.

As mentioned above, you will be rewarded with the best suit of all, if you have collected all caches and unlocked all the suits: Tempered absolution. This suit not only looks amazing and lets REI white and pink light, he also combines each bonus each suit.

Sun ash is available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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