Fortnite Chapter 3 Everything you need to know about the new season with the 19 00 patch

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After more than two years of chapter 2, Epic Games finally immerses us in the next episode of his Royale Battle par excellence. For this inaugural season of Fortnite chapter 3, the game will change drastically: Arsenal, features, map, utility elements, among many other things. We will have to re-read strategies and mechanics of play to get ahead.

new locations

The first thing we will notice when we get to the island is that the western part will be full of snow as a result of winter that is currently midnight. Do not let you cheat for the cold and explore the commercial city of Castro Cholesterol or the abandoned sawmill industrial site, among other places.

If we want milder climates we can go east to find a tropical coast, with its islets and cozy palm trees. If the seven have established advanced positions throughout the island, the tropical part is, however, the home of its territory: the sanctuary. Located by the sea, this place is dominated by the Colossal Statue of the Foundation. By the way, talking about awesome monuments, the Daily Bugle building (all covered in cobwebs) we can also see it in this area.

Do you like even warmer climates? In this case we would have to go south to find a desert (although slightly bitten by snow). Far from being totally devoid of interest, we welcome the Chokers circuit for motor lovers and who trust the plan, cannon condominium for those who seek a cozy refuge and, above all, the return of the event unmissable for all lovers of the food.


The sumptuous landscapes of the new island make it an ideal place to camp. As soon as we find a tent, all we will have to do is unfold it to enter and rest, it cures little by little. We can also store up to three elements there to pick them up during the upcoming games. Two locations are automatically available, while a third can be rented in exchange for money within the game. To find the articles in the following items, all we have to do is find a new tent or take possession of an abandoned.

Camping is better together, so if you play in duo, in trio or in a squad, we can ride a camp with several people to enjoy the view together. When a teammate installs a tent, we can interact with him to buy ours. Is the storm reaching our tent? Pack your stores and go camping elsewhere or leave them there if you do not have time. You can find your items in all the tents that are from your property.

Crown of victory

If you achieve a place high enough in a game, you receive a crown of victory. Then you start the next game using it, but do not think you can strift you without risk. In fact, the crown glows, so anyone who copied has no problems detecting it. If you manage to keep your crown, you will receive additional exp in the game and if you manage to get a Victory Royale while you use it, you can unlock an exclusive gesture that shows the total number of crowns you have received during the season. The crowns of victory are present in normal modes, that is, for a player, duet, threesomes and sections. This is how they are obtained:

Solo: stay among the four best players
DUES: It is between the two best duos
Threesomes: Win the game
Sections: Winning the game


If a duel comes out as you did not expect, you can quickly escape by sliding, which will allow us to keep shooting and building. To slide or do the dash, you have to hold down the beaten button while running. It is not necessary that it is on a slope for this to work.

Return to the challenges directly from the main lobby

In Chapter 3 — Season 1, weekly missions are no longer activated on the island, but are visible on the Lobby Missions page so that we know what we have to do before going up the bus. There are three types of missions mainly that we can see directly from the Missions page, although we can also access it during the game.

In addition to the daily missions, they are updated every day at 3:00 p.m. And they can be shared with our teammates, there are season missions and stage missions, which will remain available throughout the season. The missions of the new season are added every week (Thursday at 3 p.m.) and stage missions have multiple phases, as its name suggests. By completing a certain amount of daily, seasonal or stage missions, we receive additional exp.

We can also consider going to the Sanctuary to discover a new kind of missions based on a communication device. This allows us to hear messages from the Scientific, the brain of Seven, to complete missions whose implications will extend far beyond the current season, aiming to reveal the secrets of Seven.

From 18.40 update, players can earn EXP rewards available in Creative mode (maps, games or experience using the device of rewards), but also in the world Save mode.

In the latter, players receive EXP from battle pass when:

We earn badges mission (obtained playing save the world, and explore, build and fight).
Complete the mission objectives bonus.

Union make force

On the new island, some actions are faster when there are several players involved. For example, revive a teammate knocked out or activate a recovery truck are clear examples of such bonuses. We also find special closed doors, that require multiple players to open: Join forces as a team, form a temporary alliance with an opponent or be creative, among others.

Two new healing elements

Curative Fog

While it is true that you can take advantage of the Curative Naive to heal, we can also use it on our teammates. Either way, fog restores health Curative while vaporizes. It should be borne in mind that we can also use walking; the only drawback is that only a limited dose vial contains so should carefully spray.


Speaking of healing, Curator is also making its debut, but can not be shared as fog Curative. It must be taken to increase our HP to 100 over time. On the other hand, it is best to keep a low profile after the Curator is consumed, as the healing ends as soon as we receive damage from an opponent.

Some NPC survived

Although the island is new, it has been occupied for a long time by Seven and those who managed to free themselves from the circuit. Bars changing our goods and services by talking to the islanders, including Guano in Castro Cholesterol, Jones of the bunker in Los Jones or Cucurucho Bruce Tremolo.

Friends list changes of pace

The profile of the player is more complete. Epic Games is testing a new sidebar that allows us to click on a friend’s profile to find out how the game is playing, in which region of the server is, what their language, if you have the Pass battle, or he is a member of Fortnite Club and if you have friends in common. The sidebar is gradually activated for players in Battle Royale and creatively at a rate that depends on the test results.

You want to add new friends? In the As in the Social menu, sidebar displays a list of suggestions from friends (according to friends of friends), players who have recently played or the results of our search. Finally, you can access the sidebar from the top left corner of your screen, while the main menu (where the settings and other options) is now included in the sidebar.

When we see someone’s profile who is not yet a friend, we can see if our group or team, know their region server and verify their language. If you are a friend suggested, a search result or someone sent a friend request, see the friends we have in common (if any). If it is a player you’ve played recently, various the last interaction between the two.

You can specify who can view information about our profile. We can modify them to assign the options Private, Just Friends or Public for viewing the region from our server, our language and our friends. For Fortnite and the Club Membership Pass, we can choose between Private or just friends.


As expected, the storm will be an omnipresent force on the new island, but meteorologists forecast includes new features. After a while, in Chapter 3 — Season 1, you can see lightning and tornadoes spin, which will be launched into the air.

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