These Batman games cost 1 for limited time

The LEGO Batman Movie - Who's the (Bat)Man (Lyrics)
Two different man bat today, games can be purchased together for only $1. Unfortunately, the sale is limited to Steam and the Windows store, which means that it is limited to PC. If you are on a console, either Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One or Xbox Series X | S, or any other platform, this offer is not available. Meanwhile, those in PC should take into account that this is a limited time offer, and comes through Humble Bundle, which means that sales are destined for charities.

Courtesy of The WB Batman Collection Game Bundle, PC users can currently pay $1 and get both batman: Arkham Asylum Edition Game of the Year and Lego Batman: The video game for $1. Of course, this is the minimum price of sale; It is charity, so Humble Bundle accepts amounts greater than $1. Meanwhile, there is another offer that includes eight man bat and games for only $10.

Below you can find a link to the list, a description of each game and also an advance of each game:

Link to the list

Batman: Arkham Asylum Edition game of the year: «Experience what it is to be Batman and face the largest Gotham villains. Explore every centimeter of Arkham Asylum and emulating freely by the infamous island ».

LEGO BATMAN: The video game: «When all villains in Arkham Asylum come together and release, only the dynamic duo is bold enough to face them and save Gotham City. LEGO’s fun, Batman’s drama and the uniqueness of the combination make it a comical game and exciting adventure in Lego Batman: The Video game «.

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