Warzone developer organize a strike due to job graduates at Raven Software

Staff by Raven Software, the Activision Blizzard Studio, which is currently managing the development and maintenance of Call of Duty War zone, today, on December 6, a strike organizes the health of Raven Software.

In a statement sent to different media and again published by the A Better ABK Workers Alliance, says the group of employees who have organized the strike that they have a claim to Ravens management: Each member of the QA team, including those, Which were fired on Friday [December 3], must be offered full-time jobs.

The participants in this demonstration do this in the foreground with the continued success of the studio, says it in the statement. The Raven QA department is essential for the daily functioning of the studio as a whole. The termination of the contracts of high-performance tests at a time of constant work and profit endangers the health of the studio. In addition, these actions contradict the positive culture that Raven has created over the years.

In its explanation, the group also explains that Raven Software at the beginning of 2021 said employees that positive departmental changes are in the pipeline. This included a salary restructuring, with which QA testers would earn better money. However, cutbacks in the department were apparently never invoiced as a result of this restructuring.

On the day at last week the layoffs were announced, a community manager for employees of Raven Software said that many of the released recently retained near Ravens headquarters in Wisconsin, as the studio should work again in the office. Many of them have moved just to find out now that they are fired. This was confirmed by the explanation of the strike organizers.

Some of those who were released have recently moved to Wisconsin, in anticipation of the return to personal work. They did this without the removal assistance of Raven, as the studio assured that their workload was constant. Call of Duty: War zone, which has recently announced the publication of a new card and integration with the Call of Duty: Vanguard title, deserves $5.2 million a day.

POV: you work at raven software

Termination of powerful testers with increasing workload and profit is an unacceptable action of the company and contradicts Ravens aim to be an exemplary workplace in our industry.

— Absteatabk ???? ABK workers alliance (@aBetterabk) 6 . December 2021

Those who were said that they were fired will work for Raven until January 28th.

This strike is added about 48 hours before the new War zone card from the time of World War II, Caldera, the game will be added, along with dozens of weapons and cosmetics of Call of Duty Vanguard.

Activision Blizzard-own studios have recently been conducted a number of work lighting, but this is the first that is not directly with the current investigations on sexual misconduct and discrimination in the company.

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