Two new pokemon revealed in the band

The media threshing for Pokémon and Nuclear is at its peak as the games almost free this Friday. Leaks offered unwanted spoilers for some, but for those who have the strong will not to take a look at the finale Pokémon the YouTube trailer came out this morning gives an official overview of what we can, we expect Friday.

Japanese trailer largely summarizes what has been officially shown since the announcement of the eighth generation games. However, we had teasing for two new Pokémon, well known. In 23 seconds exactly, we see one of the two new Pokémon, called Grünerites, a ghost and terrestrial type which is the Galician form of Cofagrigus. Then, about 48 seconds later, another well-known Pokémon, Mr. Mime, is under his new Malaria form, called Mr. Rime. It is a psychic and iced Pokémon, and it looks very pimp ant. For the moment, we do not know in which versions of the game these two versions will be installed.

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The rest of the trailer presents sports hall leaders, new gaming features, a variety of characters customizations and forms of Pokémon Dynamic present in the Gala region.

Who is ready to start his new trip in Pokémon and Nuclear ?

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