Battlefield 2042 Update 3 1 comes today and brings balancing

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Battlefield 2042 laid a more than bumpy launch in November. In addition to technical problems, among other things, the unbalanced weapons and specialists for mistress in critics inside and fans. Recently, Dice introduced a roadmap with patches to tackle the most important problem zones of the game.

And today one of the patches appears from this roadmap, namely update 3.1. The focus is on the main adjustments to the balance, the most important improvements in the patch can be found on the official Battlefield blog:

To these elements takes care of patch 3.1

Hit registration
Adjustments of the balance of floor scatters and recoil
Balancing adjustments of the on-board cannons of ground vehicles that make them less effectively against infantry
Problems with grenades and rocket launchers should be resolved
Error, where players become invisible to others, should also be resolved

Crossly relief: If you want to deactivate the Xbox consoles Crossly, you should be able to accomplish this to PATCH 3.1 significantly easier than before, where this option was sometimes not available, and you had to go via the system menu of the Xbox.

In addition, the developers have accepted themselves again of the sound and promise with Update 3.1 an intensification in this area.

At what time is Update 3.1 live?

The time from which the update is to be rolled out has already revealed DICE via Twitter. Accordingly, from 09:00 German time should be so far, a downtime is not expected from the studio.

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The complete patch notes from Update 3.1 in the overview

Here are the complete German patch notes of the latest update for Battlefield 2042 at a glance (via


Even if you are not the party leadership, you can now stop when waiting in the queue
Xbox — Crossly can now be activated / deactivated on Xbox in the Options menu
Your sorting settings are now recalled correctly if you update the server browser from Battlefield Portal
A problem has been fixed, with the equipment sometimes empty after joining a server in the Spawn screen, which no weapons selection was possible
The target help is now more consistent on Gameplay on consoles
The effective combat range of the ranger and its overall health were reduced


Various changes to the general audio experience enhance clarity, distance and directional perception
A problem has been fixed, through the soldier: inside indoor not always the correct step sounds had


When firing down booming grenades on short distance, the bouncing was removed
40 mm AP grenades now cause damage to vehicles as intended
False ammunition display for certain magazines in some weapons fixed
The animation when reloading the cylinder locking rifles DXR-1 and NTW-50 was extended by 0.2 seconds
The scattering values ​​of most weapons have been adjusted to decrease faster with fast individual shots and short salves
For most weapons, the increase in scattering was adjusted. It takes a little longer for you to become unimpaired in continuous fire
The recoil values ​​were adjusted to prevent aggressive shocks at AK-24, CMG, PKP-BP, FARM GL and PP-29
The hip fire precision of all MPs has been increased to better stand out from other automatic weapon archetypes
Scattering and recoil of the LEGS were reduced to improve performance in continuous fire
Further improvements to the recoil control for all weapons, especially for automatic.
Damage to short distance and consistency of MCS-880 in case of shot got cartridges and flèche ammunition increased
A bug has been fixed through which the projectiles of FARM GL and K30 unleashed below the targeted target point


A bug has been fixed, sometimes no explosion damage caused by vehicle weapons in a direct hit sometimes

We reduced the effectiveness of the 30 mm cannon for ground vehicles against infantry. It is now overheating faster, cadence and explosion damage were slightly reduced, and the damage drop at a distance has been increased.
Cadence 350 → 330
Heat production per ball 0.13 → 0.14
Heat drop per second 0.5 → 0,475
Explosion damage 20 → 18
NCAA Hovercraft — 40 mm GPL grenade launcher
Explosion damage reduced: 55 → 35
The launch angle of the utility pod for 40 mm grenades is now easier to use
eBay Wildcat — 57 mm cannon
Scattering away
Ammunition 12 → 8
Failure damage 85 → 75
Explosion damage 70 → 35


Splitter grenade

Huge Gameplay Changes coming to Battlefield 2042

The time to detonation of a splinter grenade after the first bouncing on a hard collision was increased from 1.1 second to 1.4 sec.
Sliver grenades cause 120 damage in all game modes and guarantee a kill with armored players
Maximum ammunition of splitter & burn grenades from 2 to 1 reduced

Environment sensor

Sighting radius from 30 to 20 meters decreased
Operating time from 30 sec. To 14 seconds shortened
Game ends can only wear and use an ambient sensor (so far 2)

Battlefield Hazard Zone

A problem has been fixed, through which the patrolling LAV4 recon of the occupation forces at the wrong time or not spawn


Kaleidoscope — roof conquest target has been removed. There are now two conquest goals down in BT (large) and one down in BT (small)
Orbital — roof conquest target was removed. There is now a conquest target below in BT (large) and in BT (small)
Hourglass — roof conquest target was removed. There is now a conquest target below in BT (large) and in BT (small). In addition, a problem has been resolved, through the playing outside the game area


Improvements in collisions with objects in the backward movement in prone position
A rare problem has been fixed to become invisible by the gambling in the spawn in a full / destroyed vehicle

Next Battlefield A Hero Shooter?

In addition to the continuous adjustments to the current Battlefield game, EA and DICE are apparently working on the future of the shooter series. And apparently there are considerations to publish the next part as a classic Hero Shooter. At least the well-connected insider Tom Henderson wants to know.

How do you like the adjustments?

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