Nintendo against Bowser sudden hacker must pay 10 million penalty

Caution Confusion: Despite the name, it is not about the Berries turtle, which regularly kidnaps Princess Peach and challenges the warranted plumber Mario. Instead, a Canadian hacker named Gary Bowler is the focus of the procedure.

This has already been sued last year as part of the Hacker Group Team EXECUTED from Nintendo because he had sold Custom-firmware, which could download pirated titles on the handheld console. As a member of the hacker group as well as through its own website Bowler deserved a pretty cute, from which he will remain much left after the current judgment.

Nintendo against Bowler: The second process comes to the conclusion

Already a month ago, Bowler was sentenced to a punishment of $4.5 million, whose payment he readily accepted. In addition, they are ten years prison to debate, but which the court has not yet decided. But in a further procedure, however, a judgment was like.

There was another complaint of Nintendo, when Bowler is now expecting a penalty of $10 million, which he also accepted. Thus, the hacker has to pay almost $15 million to the Japanese company — a sum he can not easily cover with his revenue from the Custom firmware sale, even if the hacker group total money in they could achieve double-digit millions.

Originally, the 52-year-old was arrested in the Dominican Republic and transferred to the US. Whether he ends up there in prison, still remains to be seen. However, the punishment imposed for Bowler shall apply independently of its location, as the court expressly and written in writing in the current judgment.

Source: Judicial documents of the United States District Court (1) and (2)

A hacker named Bowser agrees to pay Nintendo $10 million to settle a civil piracy suit | Engadget

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