Stalker 2 looks apocalyptic and beautiful in its new images with improved graphics in Unreal Engine 5

Xbox and also Xbox Series X Series S (jointly, Xbox Series X’S), is a line of desktop computer gaming consoles developed by Microsoft and also the 4th generation of the family of Xbox consoles. Family members gaming consoles, jointly referred to as Project Scarlett and also first exposed at E3 2019, consisting of the Xbox Series X high-end, exposed in The Game Awards 2019 and also whose code name is Job Anaconda as well as Xbox lower price S Collection, revealed in September 2020 and also is code named Project Lockhart. Both consoles were launched on 10 November 2020.
Both gaming consoles take place to the current line of Xbox One, replacing the front-runner versions Xbox One X and One S reduced expense, specifically. Microsoft is prioritizing performance equipment, consisting of assistance resolutions higher display screen (resolution approximately 8K) and structure, ray tracing in actual time as well as utilizing solid state drives high rate to decrease packing times in Xbox Series S Series X utilizes the exact same CPU, yet has a GPU, memory as well as interior storage space minimized, additionally does not have optical drive.
Microsoft is advertising a technique fixated the gamer for your brand-new hardware, consisting of cost-free upgrades boosted variations of Xbox One with its Smart Delivery games optimized for the hardware of Collection X as well as in reverse compatibility previous games, Xbox controllers and also devices. Console leverages its membership service Xbox Game Pass, as well as remote cloud games on mobile phones with its PC gaming system in the cloud cloud. On top of that, Microsoft just recently tape-recorded a brand-new variation of the console, called XS which is to be specified some information of it.

STALKER 2 - Official Unreal Engine 5 Gameplay Screenshots & Details (New Post Apocalyptic FPS Game)
2022 approaches, and with him the arrival of a Stalker 2 very expected. Not only by fans of the first installment, they vibrated with the first official trailer, but also for users of PC and Xbox consoles in general, since the new generation title points really high, with levels of Unusual production for the developer.

They have been responsible for GSC Game World who have given us news about the game, as are the new catches that has collected Gamer in its last special issue (collected by CALTECH) and that you can see below:

These are images of the game running at Unreal Engine 5 we had not been able to see so far. It really surprises, because the radioactive apocalypse, apart from suffocating and overwhelming, is beautiful and colorful according to the scenario we run. We talk about a game that probably reaches the hundred hours, so a good differentiation of the different areas of your world will help players continue with their trip, wanting to discover what new surprises them They expect a few steps later.

With the Subtitle Heart of Chernobyl, Stalker 2 has set its launch for April 28, 2022, the day in which you will reach PC, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. will also have a physical edition on PC although, For collectors, they are available at a much higher price a couple of special editions that bring a good amount of additions.

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