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For spoken, formerly known as Project Atria, is the new Open World Role play of Luminous Productions; The studio, which is responsible for the completion of Final Fantasy XV. About protagonist Frey Holland of the foresospects on 24.05, 2022, we have learned a lot in the meantime, but what about Atria yourself? As part of a digital preview event we were able to pull such a few conclusions regarding Mathias, but we wanted to know what it has with the so-called break, which draws the country. The people of Luminous Productions and Square Enix have delivered us an answer.

The break origin unknown

The break has not just crept in so in Atria, she suddenly broke out and with all its power. This is the answer of the For spoken makers in detail: The ‘Break’ (probably ‘break’ in German) was an event that occurred in Atria in the form of a devastating dark fire, which corrupted everything he touched mercilessly. What caused the break is unknown, but their effects were devastating for the country Atria, animals turned into beasts, people in monsters and the once rich landscapes in four dangerous riches. Santa Silk is the Santa of the strength Source: Square Enix and in this explanation again the Qantas comes into play, the matriarchs who divide into foreseen (now) power among themselves. As we know from the story trailer of the Game Awards 2021, there are several fantasies — it can be assumed that there are at least four fantasies at four rich. And if it should be four, then three of them are not very well-tuned. Two of them are Prey (the Santa of justice) and Silk (the Santa of strength), the developers have already officially revealed.

Speaking magic…

By the way, based on the gameplay material, which was shown to us in the context of the event, we wondered if there will be a weakness system, so whether certain types of magic are more effective against certain enemies — so you know this from JR PGS and other role games. An answer in the way, however, the developers have remained guilty.

Here is the wording: At the moment we can not tell these details yet, but we look forward to talking more about it in the future. So we have to wait until we are allowed to try for researchers themselves.

How does it look? Are you hot on foreseen or let yourself phrase adventure completely cold?

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