Survival game is going to the new Steam despite weaknesses

The top seller on Steam host a new favorite among the survival fans. The Icarus popular in the beta can hold Wacker in the charts despite some criticism and enthuses the PC players with his open world.

New star on Steam: What is it about in Icarus?

In the Survival game Icarus, humanity tried to create a second earth. However, the Terraforming project is impregnable, which is why the planet and its inhabitants now do their best to do. Nevertheless, you can return alone or with up to eight players in the coop on the planet. It is important to build a basis to build tools and ultimately escape with valuable materials.

Icarus is developed by the developer studio RocketWerkz. The studio boss Dean Hall is known mainly for the former Arma-2-MOD Day, which is now developed as a standalone version without its cooperation. His new survival game can now celebrate again success on Steam. Icarus has been in the list of top sellers for some time.

Icarus: From the players there is praise and criticism

Icarus differs from the survival competition by putting it on separated round. So you do not continue continuously at your camp, but survives, fulfills your mission and then repeats the whole.

At Steam, Icarus is currently valued positive from 62 percent of the players. This allows the survival game to receive only the rating balanced. Among other things, raping cards, balance problems and bugs are criticized. Many players believe that the game would still make an ear-access phase.

Myth of Empires Survival Game Removed From Steam For Copyright Infringement

A survival game fights into the top seller on Steam. Currently, it is among the top places. The players praise the concept of the game and see a lot of potential in him. However, there is also criticism of the concrete implementation.

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